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Neat! We are in Colchester, so Glastonbury isn't too far at all. I'll have to check our calendar, but I think we might actually have that day free! *yippee*
We are having the *same* problem right now! New neighbors moved in on Aug. 1st. We have townhouses and theirs is the exact same floor plan as ours, just mirrored. So our children's bathroom upstairs is right next to their upstairs bathroom. I opened the door the other evening to go run them a bath and the smell was SOOO strong!! I hate the smell of pot. DH and I aren't sure what to do. The neighbors are really nice & we don't want to make any problems. But I don't want my...
There are lots of options. I enjoyed our rotation in the same day surgery dept. The nurses I talked to all work 5:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m. M-F and have weekends and holidays off. Now that sounds nice
Congratulations!! Loved your birthing story. Enjoy that sweet new babe!
I'm entering my senior year of nursing school. Basically, yeah, it sucks, but if you want to be allowed into the clinical setting (which is necessary to complete your coursework) you will have to comply with their (meaning the hospital, and, in turn, the school) requirements. I'm going tomorrow to get my PPD (done every year) and I'm not thrilled about that.. and this year we have a new requirement where the flu vax is not optional - last year I was able to opt out - but...
Quote: Originally Posted by APmomSoCal It's definitely worse for us. My dh got laid off two days ago, out of the blue. He worked there 8.5 years. I don't know what we are going to do. So sorry
Quote: Originally Posted by Chicky2 I have never ever had a problem w/Schwans. The 2 drivers I've had were never pushy. My mom has always had very positive experiences w/them too. She orders every time and has for years. I do it periodically, and actually had been thinking of doing it recently, just for a few items I miss. Their Gold Nugget bars are to die for, and the veggie/pasta mix is a great item to have for a quick meal. The vegetarian...
Quote: Originally Posted by dagny.galt Btw...Schwan's is actually my most non-frugal regular purchase, so I was sort of amused to see this here. I have to admit I was a little shocked at the prices.. but this deal is probably a smart move on their part. People will get to try something for free, feel good about the deal, & then will be more inclined (maybe?) to order from them in the future. I hope our driver isn't too pushy.
Glad you all thought it was a good deal, too! (guess you can't beat free!! ) For the person with 8 cents.. I heard about that happening to some people. I would call and ask about it. I think it's just a mistake and you won't have to worry about it. About being home- I do think you have to be home. I think there is an option to buy a $4.99 freezer bag to hold your food and then they can just leave it for you at your door. I only glanced at that option at checkout,...
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