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http://www.schwans.com/landing/landi...px?id=freefood AMERICA'S LARGEST HOME FOOD DELIVERY COMPANY IS GIVING AWAY FREE FOOD TO THE FIRST 500,000 NEW CUSTOMERS IT'S AS EASY AS 1,2, FREE 1- Go to www.schwans.com/FREE 2- Order any one item for $10 or less 3- We will deliver it to your home for FREE Complete details regarding this offer will be available on www.schwans.com/FREE on 8/1. We'll see you soon! *No purchase necessary. Offer ends 9/30/09 and limited to the first...
Okay, I caved and bought the navy/red one for ds. I had him try on his coat from last year (a size 10) and it was already short in the sleeves. Ugh. LL Bean had a 10/12 or a 14/16, so I bought the 14/16. It's probably going to be huge on him. Picked the red/navy so that it can be passed on to the little sisters
I was feeling sick for the majority of the day, but when I perked up later on I did a load of dishes, one load of laundry, and organized our schedule for the rest of the month (appts, etc.). Tomorrow should be more productive!
LL Bean is my vote for best quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by spiderdust Do you have a Disney store in your area? I suggest buying some Disney Dollars at the store before your trip and distributing them among your family members once you get to Disneyland (maybe $15-20 per person?) for their spending money. These can be used just like really money at any of the stores or kiosks in the park. Explain to everyone that they can use the dollars on souvenirs or corn dogs or Mickey shaped...
At counter services, the children's meals are $4.95 (if DL is the same as WDW). I often ordered them for me, too, since they have a good variety and decent portions.
I have: everyday sneakers running sneakers (only used for running/races) one pair sandals one pair of nice black heels
2 hours each way? No.. I wouldn't. But it would prompt me to post a 'wanted' on Craig's List. I'm sure you can find great deal closer to home. If you do decide to go get it, you could make it an adventure, though. Find a neat children's musem out there or try a new playground, etc.
I saw that linked on slick deals and almost went for it.. still thinking about it. I have to try on the winter jackets from last year to see if they still fit the kids. I did buy ds the barn jacket that's 50% off (and free shipping) for $19.99. It's so cute and will be a nice fall jacket for him. I love LL Bean. I'd much rather buy on sales/clearance from them, even if it's still a little bit more than other places because the quality is just fantastic and they really...
Quote: Originally Posted by mrsmommy2007 Hello everyone! DH and I are going to try for another baby soon. DS was born 20 months ago but was -IMHO- born by a totally unnecessary C-section. I had Mary Mumford Haley but she did not make it to the birth and I was delivered by Wendy Byer. I beat myself up everyday when it comes to his birth. My DH is stubborn and hard to talk to when it comes to birth or birthing or any of my wants with the whole thing. I am...
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