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When our dd turns 1 next January, we're going to just ask guests to bring something for the Ronald McDonald house- whether it's a monetary donation, a book for the children's room, toothpaste or laundry detergent for families staying there unexpectedly. Then DH and I will take it there. I'm also thinking about buying a rocking chair for the NICU where she spent her first week, because I enjoyed nursing her in one there and they really could use more. I know it's not proper...
Quote: Originally Posted by theretohere I obsessively change underwear. Partially because I love to wear them warm out of the drier. Oohh.. I love them out of the drier, too But for the original question- absolutely. I put new ones on after my morning shower. Then they come off at bedtime when I put pjs on.
zahira- I love Peace's little chubby arms and hands.. those baby rolls are to die for! Lainey has chubba arms, too
No. My 3.5 month old doesn't poop at night, otherwise I definitely would. She nurses in her sleep and I don't dare risk changing her for fear of waking her up completely. I change her first thing in the morning.
My dd only likes her bath when it's really, really warm. Not HOT perse, but really warm. If it's even slightly lukewarm, she'll flip out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Justthatgirl Buttered popcorn over here, usually. though occasionally we get a vaguely sour smell. Buttered popcorn over here, too
Quote: Originally Posted by Jannah5 Never. For me, lip kissing is exclusively for DH. The parent/child lip kissing always weirded me out. My family never did that growing up and DH and I don't do that with our kids (except for me with my newborns- I can't help but smooch those tiny lips, especially when she smells like breastmilk!)
That would make me feel a little weird, too, if I were you. I suppose she could be the kind of person who just doesn't take the initiative, no matter how much she enjoys your company. I think I'd maybe leave the ball in her court, though- maybe tell her you're free this weekend (for example) and to give you a call if she wants to do something..and see where it goes. But I hear you on the friend front. My best friend lives in NY. One of my other best friends just moved...
Usually pjs.. but depending on the evening's activities( , sometimes in the nude..
Not in your DDC, but wanted to say congrats! We had a Delainey in January- so I obviously love your name choice!
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