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My older is 5.5 and still breastfeeding every morning and night, it seems its not going to end this year.
We are with 4.5 and with the almost 2 years baby, and happy about doing it.
if there is still place I will love one. Maria Fernanda Thanks
Thanks again for your replies. I am reconsidering since I did not thounght about bacteria getting into the cord. What about doing it only with the hands? I am so naive,sorry if I am but that why I need your responses.
Thanks for all your contributions. I think I will try to bite it, but I will like to read something more about it. I can understand than in other cultures they started to leave it intact, but I am still trying to figure out what a cave woman made. So lets see your thinkings, Dulce alegria
Thanks for the reply. I already read ablut lotus birth, but what I am trying to figure out is supposing that if they did not cut the cord like other mammals then they had to carry the placenta, which (tell me if i am wrong) will be heavy to do it, without taking the right care. So i am thinking at a moment they had to cut or eat it like the other mammals. And also what about the other predators, the placenta will be a special smell to go near the baby. So that is why I...
I was wondering if someone has informatin about biting the cord, instead of cutting it. I was trying to think how did the women cut the cord from their instinct, before the culture made them use scissors, or a knife or something external. Thanks very much, our baby is coming soon and I will like to try other options. someone told me, there is a part where the cord should be thinner, but I cannot find more info about it. I hope someone of u can help me.
I send you a lot of love and hugs hugs hugs.
I have no words. I hug you and hug you. Thaks for sharing. Maria
If we are luckly my ds sleeps at 11-1130 pm, wakes up 9-930 am. Has a nap for 2 hours on the day. I wish he sleeps 30 minutes before, but until now is the best for us.
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