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Hey there. I think you will be happy with the West Sub midwives. You are absolutely correct in thinking that the hospital has a lot of influence over your birth-- especially with an OB. The OB (no matter how great) will not be with you while you labor. They just don't have that kind of time.   West Sub is the only hospital in the area that does waterbirth as well. I had both my children in the ABC room there and if I was planning another and wanted a hospital birth-...
Berwyn mama here! Hi!!   We have an AP group here in the area (near west suburbs/city- Oak Park, Berwyn, Melrose Park, etc.). Both online and meetups. Fantastic and diverse group.   I'm also a CBE in Oak Park. Great community here.
Did you find anything? Where are you located?
I have heard great things about them. I know that one of my doula friends is working for them and they've integrated doula care into their practice. I think that says a lot
Ditto on West Sub or UIC
Hands down. No question-- West Sub....
May be worth checking into Dr. Hussey at Rush as well. He has a fantastic reputation
We've had great experiences with Dentistry for Children. One of the few places we found that lets you hold your baby on your lap while they do the exam. They have been great with both of my girls-- even my younger one who was SUPER shy for a long time.   Very friendly.   No one has ever even asked me about breastfeeding. And I still do nurse my 4 year old.....   http://www.dentistry4children.net/
How about Dr. Shattauer? http://www.thegreenmedicalpractice.com/about   I, personally, love drs. locke and uchitelle but I am not looking for parenting advice from my peds and so don't worry about the AP side. We don't discuss parenting because I'm sure we wouldn't agree! LOL   They've always respected my choices, even when they don't agree with them and have a belief in non-western complimentary medicine. Dr. U has sent us to the chinese...
I, too, had both my daughters at west sub. Had a land birth with number one and a water birth with number two.   There are 3 groups of midwives that practice out of west sub. West Sub is really the BEST place to have a normal, non-interventive birth in the Chicago area-- in my opinion.   I do a lot of work in the birth community in that area if you are looking for other referrals. Please feel free to PM me! I also teach Bradley Classes in the area, if you are...
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