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((hugs)). I'm with you. It's SO hard. I can't tell you how many times I get off the phone and just cry. For mama, who largely doesn't even know what she's lost and for trauma to dad and baby. Just keep spreading the word. Birth is normal
If it brings you some peace-- I had several LEEP procedures before my first pregnancy. Several. No issues....
West Sub is very pricy and hard to get into. Long wait list. Lectura is a new spanish immersion program on roosevelt. I liked them a lot for my younger daughter but we decided to go with Goedert (on Domincan U campus)-- where my older daughter went. It depends on what kind of scheduling you are looking at-- FT? PT? I've done a LOT of research in the past year. LOL
In Berwyn - we start August 24....
I know I responded elsewhere but I am going to respond here as a mama who had both her babies in a hospital.... not as a professional.... We stayed home as long as we "could". I arrived both times at about 9... I was only there for about 45 minutes (if even) before pushing. I had a great experience both times. Great stories. #1 was posterior but I had fantastic support and #2 was a waterbirth like I had wanted. It's normal to be nervous. I felt the same way just...
Oh wow! I'm super saddened by this thread. I am a Bradley Instructor and would like to clear up a couple things. 1. I am so terribly sorry that your teacher is making you feel this way, Cassaba. That is not right at all. Please talk to them privately as I'm sure that this is not their intent (I would hope) 2. Waiting for Kiddos-- this isn't true at all. We are not "required" to do this in any way 3. Terra-pip-- you are totally right about the original book--...
If you really cannot afford a doula-- there are many that do this pro bono while they are in training. PM me if you want help finding one!
being a Bradley teacher-- I'd of course say Bradley But that shouldn't have to be a choice... You can get low/no cost doulas and every Bradley Teacher I know is willing to discount their fees if you really cannot afford it. I offer scholarships to those who need them.
Co BabyMaker- That is the quote that changed my entire perspective on birth and took away all my fear. I LOVE that quote.
Most homebirth CNMs have an OB that they have an agreement with. I would call a few and ask. Even out of pocket-- it's worth it if you are not happy with where you are!
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