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West sub midwives do not do IVs unless there is a medical necessity. There is no restriction on food. They have an altnernative birth center with queen sized beds, tubs, cd players. It's a great environment. That said-- it's only used by the midwives and if you risk out by being induced or wanting an epidural.
I have to agree with Thistles in general regarding Prentice. I hear about a lot of broken promises. That said-- I just had a co-worker have a great water birth with midwives and a doula at Prentice. I would HIGHLY recommend a doula if you are going to attempt to birth normally at Prentice. You will need help navigating the pushback.
There are 2 other midwifery groups in Oak Park that work out of West Suburban alternative birthing center-- they may take your insurance....
I labored at work for several hours-- drove to my midwives in rush hour traffic... met my husband there and found out I was 7 cm with a bulging BOW.... went out to dinner... birthed my 2nd daughter less than 2 hours after dinner. LOL
I would highly recommend PCC South (Ceal Bacom's group). They take public aid.
I never experience 411 either. That is just one tool in deciding where you are in labor. I think the emotional signposts are much more important and much easier to read... My first birth-- 4 minute long contractions and then 30 second ones. Timing was all over the place. I got to the hospital at 10 and pushing My second birth-- never had anything longer than about 45 seconds. Wasn't painful or overwhelming until transition and then just overwhelming without pain....
I know people who have used both groups with great results. Midwifery and Women's health has a reputation of being a wee bit more medically minded than the other 2 local groups. I know that PCC- Ceal Bacom has a background in home birth. You will be in good hands either way so choose the group where you feel most comfortable!
Gentle Birth Care, Oak Park, 708-488-1004. Hillary Keiser Jennifer Gagnon CNM A Woman's Place Birth & Health Resources Chicago IL Phone: 773-539-9870 web site: www.awomansplacechicago.com e-mail: grace980701@yahoo.com Sarah Simmons CNM New Life Midwifery Chicago IL Phone: 773-588-MAMA (6262) e-mail: sadiejane58@sbcglobal.net to start....
Is daddy with baby? Research shows that skin to skin with daddy is almost equally beneficial... So sorry for mama. This must be horribly hard. Can she get there via wheelchair? I cannot imagine being separated like this
I have heard from several people that Dr. Michael Hussey at Rush is the best for supporting vaginal birth of twins. There are home birth midwives who will also support this. Congratulations!! I have several friends/acquaintences with great twin birth and nursing stories! How exciting!!
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