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I had thought that if some of the STD screens were not done on mama in pregnancy - they would be done on baby at birth requiring a blood draw for the baby.
Cool!! In the caul!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by AlexisT If pitocin is the standard drug given in a managed 3rd stage or if you bleed too much. . I was given oral methergine for mild PPH...
Now let's see how long it takes for all those hospitals to actually change the dumb policy based on science. I know I won't be holding my breath and will keep telling my students to stay home and sneak in food....
I do believe that you should always be transparent with your caregivers. If you don't like your care or don't trust your caregiver-- find another
Episiotomy is needed when baby needs to come out fast, when using forceps/vacuum, if mama is circumcised, if mama is tearing into the clitoris. Episiotomy will cause a much more severe wound than tearing naturally (absent fundal pressure). To illustrate-- take an intact piece of paper to represent an intact perineum-- pick it up and pull it taut-- it won't rip easily if at all. Now-- cut a slit into the edge of that same paper and pull it taut again and you will see how...
Sorry you had such a scary experience. Wishing you lots of peace and gentleness! Try to enjoy this pregnancy. Try to live like the best things in the world will happen because--- mostly they do!
PM me if she wants to take a Bradley class... I'm in Oak Park. Or if she just wants other info
Sorry you aren't up our way but if you like-- we do have a yahoo group for "virtual support". Great group of mamas. Attachment Parenting Real life is the name of our group
I know a mama your way... I'll send her to this thread!
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