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We go to that kid cuts place at Oak Brook mall. The one where they can sit in the little cars. They will also collect hair for "locks of love" there and I believe give you a free haircut for it. My kids love that place
I used to see Dr. Perlmutter when I lived in the city and loved him
I think the absolute best one out there is Dr. Sean Manning. www.welladjustedworld.com I attribute my fantastic painless second birth to his care!
I have a dear uncle, whose stepdaughter just had a baby this week. She is 19, not from this country, and has no partner. I am trying to gather resources to help her through these first few months and get her down the right path and support her with gentle parenting and breastfeeding. My uncle and his wife are wonderful but she needs as much support and encouragement as she can get. This baby was unexpected. They are not religious so no church groups...
Can you petition the insurance? Sometimes that works. Got to say that it is quite ironic that while you are in a midwifery program-- you cannot get midwifery care. Homebirth is not that expensive for out of pocket either-- as another option! That said-- I have had students who have really like Dr. Figueroa....
Don't know about allkids but do not go to Dr. Udelson. AWFUL place. We started taking our kids at 2.... but really didn't get much done until DD1 was 4....
Have you seen the fetal heimlich manouver? As baby comes through mom's intact perineum-- their abdomen is squeezed to help baby to expel any fluids in the mouth and nose. Amazing. Mother nature takes care of itself!
Have you checked with your care provider to see if this is even anything to worry about? I stayed 48 with DD1 and less than 12 w DD2 with no push back from my ped or mw.... Swedish is used to Bradley students so I can't see this being a "new" issue....
I just had a student have a great unmedicated birth at Hinsdale with the midwives. She was very happy with her experience and said the rooms were lovely too. She had a 30+ hour labor too and the only recommendation that was made was to break her water which she did consent too and was happy with her choice.
Wishing you birthy vibes.... I had a student have an induction and then an unmedicated birth at Norwegian. They seemed to be very respectful and accomodating of her birth plan despite the induction. Best wishes!
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