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I agree with picking one. Those two approaches seem very different to me too. Of course- I would chose Bradley but I'm a bit biased. LOL. I think that taking a class with a group is better -- it's nice to have a sense of community. Be with others in the same situation who share similar philosophies. Brings up things you may not think of alone. Gives you great new mommy resources which are so nice to have. I'm still in touch with many from my birth class.... almost 6...
We have had a great experience with Dentistry for Children on Halsted near North Avenue after having an AWFUL experience with Dr. Udelson
I went home within 12 hours of my second daughter's birth. It's a discussion to have with your pediatrician and your mw/ob. We simply came back to do the heel prick later....
We are very happy with Drs. Locke and uchitelle in Oak park (River forest, really). I don't know if they take Allkids but they are very respectful (even if they don't always agree).
I agree with the above. I would not choose Rush hoping for a non-interventive birth-- they have an astoundingly high C-section rate according to the IDPH. (40ish%)
West sub is your best bet. I had 2 fantastic births there. One was a water birth. I left within 9 hours with my NB. West sub with midwives ONLY.
West Suburban Midwife Associates do waterbirths at West Sub hospital. Gayle Riedman and Julie Marks. I had a water birth with them with my 2nd daughter and it was great! Not too many caregivers are doing water BIRTH due to stupid hospital policies but Gayle is one of the foremost experts in waterbirth.... Hillary does home birth now and yes-- home would be a great place to have a water birth!
My kids love hanging out at the face fountains and the bean in millenium park. There is also a playground downtown east of Michigan along Randolph
So I suppose-- a 2nd opinion would be considered hostile, eh? What are we coming to in this country. Why would the happiness of the dr. be placed higher than the happiness/well being of the patient.
If you don't have an STD (ie. Chlamydia)-- eye infections are very uncommon due to bacteria in mom's vagina. If baby develops any infection-- it will be easily treatable. Why not just treat it if it needs treating and leave it alone otherwise.
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