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Welcome to the area! I'm just south of you guys in Berwyn. We have a local AP group if you are interested in joining us. Playgroups, yahoo group, parenting discussions and MUCH more! PM me if you are interested and I'll send you the invite to the yahoo group
I always recommend spinning babies and looking into chiropractic care to rule out any "reason" your baby may stay breech.... The percentage of breech deliveries decreases with advancing gestational age from 25% of births prior to 28 weeks' gestation to 7% of births at 32 weeks' gestation to 1-3% of births at term.
This one did it to me too. Kind of funny
These guys aren't holistic but when my younger DD presented with a cavity- they only put a temporary type filling in it and don't recommend anything more until they are bigger. They were very open with the fact that the sealant they recommended for my other DD (who has the beginnings of some caries) is BPA free. Dentistry for Children on Halsted (near North Ave.) in Chicago. We've been really happy with them
Sounds like issues with the pubic symphysis. I would recommend PT or even better- a chiro. Very painful. I'm so sorry! But it can be fixed
Something to consider... prolapse is really really unlikely (I will never say impossible to anything) if baby is engaged. Something you can ask your caregiver toward the end of your pregnancy. Many women experience "lightening" when baby's head engages in the pelvis. This blocks and prevents the possibility of prolapse. Find out what you need to to feel safe and remember that birth is as safe as life can be. We've just made it into a scary thing through this culture...
Let me look in my binders but I know I have a study in there showing that the risk of infection (without fanny fiddling) is negligible even at 96 hours....
Remember the AMA is a lobbying organization and these are the two groups who have pushed our c-sections rates to 30+ %. Birth = BIG money. AMA is trying to keep that money at home in hospitals. If you feel safer at home. Stay home. If you feel safer in hospital- go there. Do your research first. Many great suggestions in this thread. See Business of Being Born and Born in the USA.
As said above--- statistics show that most babies are born during the week between 8 and 5. Somehow I don't believe that's nature....
Vaginal exams don't really tell you all that much, so why do them so much? The fact that you are 4 cm, 6 cms or whatever does not tell you how long your labor is going to be....
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