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My son collects penguins, and has a bunch of stuffed animal penguins. His room isn't all that big, and I'm trying to find a way to store them and display them. I'm thinking maybe a stuffed animal hammock, but was wondering if anyone might have additional ideas.
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That's it! Thanks.
I'm trying to figure out something. My daughter has 2 ear infections and a bronchial infection, which was dx after a chest xray and blood work. The pediatrician said that what she has is not viral, not bacterial, but it's caused by a micro-organism that is like something in between viral and bacterial, and I can't remember what he said. Does anyone know what he is probably talking about? just curious.
29, but close enough.
Quote: Do you want to start over with the baby phase? Right now, in this moment, there is nothing I'd like more. But overall, this is what I go back and forth with. Sometimes it sounds so do-able, and other times the thought of it scares me. A lot of the stuff that I mentioned above seems so trivial considering that we had our first when I was 20, he was 21 and we were in college. This should be cake, right? ha.
Quote: Originally Posted by Collinsky How about this: I just got really okay with not having another baby, made inspiring, exciting plans for next fall (and the following year) which don't include birthing a new person....... and Dh announces he definitely wants to have another baby. : I did not know I could get more confused and more ambivalent, but here I am. Ha! Welcome to my world.
I've had my copper-t for 5 years and haven't had any problems with it.
Quote: Originally Posted by annakiss I am sooooooooooooooooo ambivalent about more children. I want a baby. I don't want a baby. I want a baby. I don't want a baby. I neeeeed a baby. I don't need anymore kids. I desperately MUST HAVE A baby. Having a baby is a death wish. I am so confused. This is exactly where I am right now, and have been for the past several months.
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