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Quote: Originally Posted by sunanthem Right now I have a few family photos and candles. Its a chunky stone fireplace, so I cant hang anything above it. In the past I have put mirrors on it. I like to mix it up often and do seasonal things, like pumpkins and candles for fall. I like that idea! Cute lo, btw
Quote: Originally Posted by mamavegan Williams sonoma has some nice ones, but pricey. I really like the harvest wreath, but I guess it will only be good for one season? Is that right? I think you're right. Those are beautiful. I got a non-fresh one today, and put it over my fireplace. I need to play around with it some more. I think I'm giving myself a decorating complex.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamavegan We are closing on our new home tomorrow and it has a fireplace, so I'm watching this thread a bit. My idea is to hang a seasonal wreath over it, changing it with each season. Then maybe a candle or two on the mantle. Another idea would be a mirror to reflect more light into the space. You could pair it with some mini topiaries or other things special to you. I was thinking a wreath too, and went...
Are you the kind of sahm who pulls your hair up in a pony tail and wears pajamas/sweats, etc. Or are you the sahm who gets dolled up? Make-up? hair styled/curled? cute clothes? When my kids are at home and not in school, and when they were younger, it was pony tails and sweats many days. Now, I do my hair, wear make up, and usually wear jeans and a simple top--nothing too fancy. Are you the kind of sahm that keeps your house spotless? Have homecooked meals...
I've been kind of surprised by it. This is the first year both of my kids are in school, and I was expecting to have very little to do, which concerned me but it hasn't been that way. I should know better than to assume that in any point in parenting, there won't be much to do.
Do you ever feel like you're busier, in some ways, with them in school than you were when they were home with you? During the day, I'm catching up on housework, getting things organized, and, occassionally, relaxing. In the afternoons, we're driving around to 100 activities, it seems. Anyone else?
Thanks for the responses. I wonder if mine is too busy? I have several framed pictures, a plant and a couple of pillar candles, and then there's a painting above it. I wish I could get some people who are good at decorating to come over and give me advice! Sometimes I get so used to what I have currently that it's difficult to change.
I know these type of questions can be hard to answer, but how did you know you wanted a 3rd? We currently have 2, and I thought I was done. My oldest is 8, and my youngest will be 5 next month. Lately, I have been feeling the strongest urges to have another baby. Logistically, it would be much easier not to (LOL), but I am really feeling the baby fever... Dh basically has said that he would be happy either way, and that he's not sure. How did you "know"?
Quote: Originally Posted by lyterae I'm in the wanting but waiting group. The original plan was that we would be starting to TTC this month (this was decided last October).. So I've been waiting and waiting, and now it looks like we're going to be putting it off for another year. I'm trying to get back into the work force and our finances are enough of a mess that paying for 2 in daycare would really hurt us. Some days I'm perfectly okay with having...
Quote: Originally Posted by Norasmomma mamaley-I think that a 6 year gap is just fine-when I was pg with my DD my SIL was pg with her 4th(he was an oops) their youngest was 5 1/2, but their family seems so good and happy with him, plus they have so much help with him. I think that it's just fine-your older kids will help you out with the baby, at least that's what happens with their family. Their oldest is 14, youngest 2 years...I think that their...
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