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Hey, I think I'm going to join. Glad to find you guys! About a month ago, out of nowhere it seems, I got a case of baby fever really bad...and it hasn't gone anywhere. Dh is still getting used to the idea, and we're giving it some time to figure out of it's what we really want. But it's the first time since our second child was born almost 5 years ago that we've seriously considered it. One concern that I have is that I don't know where I would have the baby. I...
I want that jacket Korto made. Kenley is annoying me, but I'm glad she's there for the drama factor. Personality wise, Jerrell is my favorite. And I really like Leanne... ...carry on.
Dh and I have been talking about ttc a 3rd child. I want to, but want to wait a while longer to make sure, and to get my body ready. Dh is still deciding what he thinks. So right now we're undecided, but i think about it a lot. Anyone else in the pre-ttc phase? Maybe we could have a group here?
Quote: Originally Posted by vm9799 you can see mine here I have decorating envy. Thanks for the ideas everyone! I think I have too much going on on mine.
what do you have above it? I'm trying to get new ideas.
Thanks. I took one today, and I barely had enough urine to cover the 5 sec they recommend. It was negative. I'm debating on whether I should take another one tomorrow, on my first official late day. I wouldn't be concerned if it weren't for the lack of spotting (that's always there before af) and my extreme fatigue, which has been an early indicator of my pregnancies in the past... I really appreciate your response, thanks.
I have a copper-t IUD. Every month before my period, I spot a little for 2-3 days before my period starts. It's due today, and I have had absolutely no spotting, except for a tiny bit after I ovulated (which isn't typical for me). I have been very tired over the past 4 days. Had some cramping last weekend, which made me think it was just pms... Is it worth testing now? Should I wait and see what happens tomorrow? I'm concerned about the risks of being...
I hadn't thought of Steve!
How long is the school day? My dd was like this, and last year I kept her there for half the typical time. I was the only parent who did it, and they all probably thought I was a big weird-o, but it worked for my daughter. This year, she's adjusting to school so much more easily. I've been there. It's an awful feeling.
I have an 8 year old and a 4 year old, and dh and I have been talking about having another baby. We're just playing around with the idea right now, and would probably not want to be pregnant for another 6 months to year. Does anyone here have kids who are 9-10 years apart? Would you do it again? How is the relationship between the 2 kids?
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