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I love Nourish. Can you come to my town?
You guys rock! I'm copying and pasting in my planning notes. Thank you! :
Whoa, great job following your intuition!
Many thanks!!! There are some great suggestions here. Keep them coming
Note to mods: I posted this in find your tribe, but didn't get a lot of responses, so I'm trying here. I hope that's ok. I have 2 kids, ages 8 and 4.5. We'll be in DC for 5 days, and I'm looking for ideas for things to do, places to eat, suggestions on getting around, etc. We want to see the White House, Capitol, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, of course. My son really wants to see the pandas at the zoo, but is adamant about NOT going to the spy museum...
It can be such a difficult decision, congrats on deciding what you're going to do.
My son is repeating second grade, and it would be really nice to talk to other parents who are currently going through this with their children. Anyone out there?
I've never swam on a team, but know how to do most strokes and just got a gym membership so that I could swim laps. I love to swim, it always makes me feel so good, and it calms me...and burns calories, lol. If anyone has any suggestions for a rookie, let me know
My friend has very high blood pressure and has been put on bed rest. She has a month left in her pregnancy. Would it be good to recommend the brewer diet to her, or do it affect blood pressure?
: Your blog really touched me. My oldest is only 8, but the feelings of "did he always feel loved", etc...just hit home. What a wonderful place for him to be...Austin is a great place to find yourself. Best wishes to him, and you.
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