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Quote: Originally Posted by rainyday Freaks and Geeks for sure Veronica Mars _____________________ Me too!!! How did those get canceled?
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabemoms , you'll likely need to drop the calories a BIT, but never below 1400. 1400 is the bare minimum anyone should eat in a day, it's just not possible to get all the nutrients you need from food if you're eating less than that. Really? My sparkpeople calcultor told me to aim for 1200-1500 (I'm 5'2'', started at 141, am now 131 lbs).
Wow, that's great!! Good for you--what a positive impact for these girls!
Quote: Originally Posted by mamaheids I would love to join too. I am turning 29 in a month and would like to give this gift to myself. I think I weigh about 144ish right now-I'll double check tomorrow morning. This is really too much for my petite frame. (5'2' and small boned.) I felt really good in my skin and healthy and strong when I was 125. So that is my ultimate goal. We have a lot in common! I just turned 29 a few weeks ago, I'm 5'2'',...
Quote: Originally Posted by roostery OK, so if I ate 1800 calories today, and my exercise burned 1400, then really I just had 400 calories today right? Should I eat more on days like that? It doesn't seem healthy. Should my goal be to have my total calories, minus calories burnt, be around 1800-2000? Wow, what are you doing to burn that many calories? Go Roostery! Sorry I don't know how to answer your question, but I'm curious to read what...
Quote: Originally Posted by doriansmummy Me too!!: My choices have not been good the past 3 days. But, I am still doing my daily exercise, which I hope is canceling out those bad choices. Mine have been horrible over the past 3 days as well. Which is kind of funny that we're both like that right now! I guess? But I keep telling myself that I've been doing a great job, and if I give into pms cravings for a few days it's not the end of it...
I'm currently struggling with PMS and food cravings. It's amazing to me how much this is impacting what I want to eat. I haven't really been affected by cravings at all over the past month, but now all I want is sweet and salty foods...and the more, the better. It's taking a lot of self control.
Quote: Originally Posted by doriansmummy I guess that could be true for some, but really people who never worked out before in there life work out with personal trainers which are super fit. I find it motivating and also I find my hubby to be very encouraging and like my own personal trainer. But, I totally understand everyone is different. True, but working out with a personal trainer is different b/c their role is to teach you and help...
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