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That's really neat!
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride With respect to the issue of "replacing" a child...I don't really see having more if you lose all of yours as replacing a given child. We all take potluck with respect to what kind of personality our children will have in the first place, and I think a parent who lost all their kids would know that they weren't going to get a carbon copy of any of their lost ones. What they'd be replacing, imo, is being a family...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mallory I am always a little leary of people who's main parenting goal is to avoid a problem, not create positive possibilities. Well said...even if it was 3 or so years ago
Ok, sorry for freaking out, lol. I had just finished reading that and when I read the part about following a low calorie diet will eventually kill you, and you'll gain everything back plus more body fat I kind of paniced. Because I'm working hard at this Sparkpeople thing and I don't want to do it all for nothing! I've also been indoors for pretty much 4 days with 2 children due to bad weather. Thanks for the responses, and my apologies if I sounded kind of crazy. :
swtmama2b, i like your post
So I've been doing Sparkpeople for about 2 weeks and have lost about 4 lbs. When I was at my mother's over the holidays, I picked up her copy of The Schwarzbeing Principle www.schwarzbeinprinciple.com and it really made a lot of sense to me. I ordered some of her books, used, online. When I got home, I was eager to lose my holiday weight and i joined Sparkpeople. Last night I read the books I had ordered from Schwarzbein. Sparkpeople uses the calories in must be...
Quote: Originally Posted by ilovemy2ds Yup time for some tough love, he might hate you for it now, but once he is clean and back in the real world and grown up a bit, he should thank you. You can try tough love, but the truth is that someone isn't going to overcome an addiction until they're ready, which usually comes sometime after they realize they have a problem in the first place. I'm sorry.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jwebbal Oh, I know they are definitely cultural, becoming more popular here in CA too. I just have a thing about my kid bashing stuff to get candy out of it, human, animal or any other shape for that matter. Then there is the craziness that ensues when it opens, a free for all for candy, not to mention kids walking too close to a swinging bat. I remember one terrifying experience more than all the others, it was raining so...
Quote: Originally Posted by nonconformnmom She framed him once (for her own death), she's just letting him know that she has positioned herself to frame him again. That way, he knows that unless he cooperates with her, she will provide evidence that he killed Monique, even though she did it. ah, that makes sense. thanks
[QUOTE=ItyBty;7030915[ So Marjories back - things oughtta get interesting now that Adam is married and Brian seems to be semi-serious with Bridget. WHat do you all think of Heather's reaction in the previews for next week?[/QUOTE] Ohh, that was a good line, about her now knowing she's second choice. I like Heather, and I wish both of them would get over Marjorie and that she just wouldn't come around anymore, except maybe as a friend to Nik and Deena and Dave to...
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