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Of course I remember you.  I am no longer active on MDC but I would love to communicate with you.  Please contact me via email if you wish at puppyfluffer@aol.com. I am sending you love and healing energy.  You are an amazing woman.
Great colors!  Very cute.  The dog does not look pleased to be wearing it.  LOL  
I have to say, I am quite surprised at the responses telling Perogi that she should not procede with this action.   Members of the forum have been all over supporting the parents and child when a retraction has happened.  In this case, we have an educated parent who refused to allow retraction to take place to view the urethral meatus (a completely unnecessary thing to view in absence of any medical indication).  We have a parent who is interested in sharing...
My son was not retracted ONLY because I was educated AND prevented it from happening physically.  The OP's son was not retracted because she did not physically allow it.  If neither of us was educated AND proactive, our sons would have been retracted, thus tearing their genital tissue and causing them harm and pain.  Her informative letters are not about whether her son was harmed but about the fact that her son would have been harmed had she not prevented it.  It stands...
I just made a report on a post by clicking the red flag at the bottom of the post in question.  I was able to use the two drop down menues that allow you to selece the type of problem and the degree of problem.  I was not able to click and place my cursor arrow in the comment box and type.  Just curious if others are having this issue.  
I disagree with those who think this mother is overstepping.  The AAP guidelines clearly state that no retraction should be done to an intact child.  This child's foreskin was not retracted only because the mother was informed and present to prevent the doctor from retracting.  The doctor certainly was not doing to cease her efforts to retract simply because the mother asked her not to do so.   I've been in this exact situation for the placement of a urine catch...
Does this doctor have hospital privileges?  If so, I would contact the hospital (pediatric unit, risk management, patient advocate office) and inform them of your experience - the way you addressed it (the info you printed and the content of the talk in person) and the discharge letter you got.  I would also contact Doctors Opposing Circumcision and have them send their usual stuff.   Thank you so much for following up!  
Anyone unwilling to put an agreement in writing and sign it does not intend to abide by the agreement!  I do think once you get this resolved (aka you get paid), you should make a written agreement a condition of any further work for them. May you be paid soon!
What sort of test kit are you using?  Test strips are notoriously inaccurate.  I think one of the most accurate ways to test water is with the API liquid test kit. I have found really fabulous aquarium advice on the online forum aquariacentral.com.  They have a newbie forum and you can read there for days and really learn a lot.  There are very passionate hobbyists there and you will definitely get good help.    
You have worked SO hard.  I am so proud of you. Congratulations!!!!!
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