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Hi, pming you
Taking Charge of Your Fertility, The Revised and Expanded NEW Edition, large softcover, by Toni Weschler, MPH. Book is in excellent condition, minor signs of wear, all charts, pictures, and pull-outs are intact and unused. List price is $23.95-I'd like to get $10.00 Paypal! I'll be shipping USPS media mail (on me) or if you'd rather, USPS Priority for 8.00 additional. Thanks! Erin
The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise-Bauer and Jessie Wise, hardcover, 3rd edition. Excellent condition, minimal wear to the removable dust jacket. I purchased this new for 39.99-asking $10.00 Paypal. I will ship USPS media mail unless you would like USPS priority for an additional 8.00. Thanks! Erin
No no no!! Don't withdraw your attention from her, that's the major thing you can give her that will help! Positive attention! Without the baby! the poor thing has just been totally uprooted from her comfy position as both the Only Child AND The Baby, and she's a baby herself, who can't really process the powerful emotions she's feeling, who wouldn't be angry? So normal!! that said, i am totally empathetic, we have so much in common. I too am an exhausted and sleep...
one 29 month old fella, no problems all the moms i know with intact sons have never had an issue, but a shocking number of circing moms I know are currently having to have surgeries done for their sons, for circ complications or to correct botched ones
legos and barbie shoes, owwwwwwwwwwwww!
loooooooooooooooove them! they are fantastic!
it's interesting to me that the responses of mamas with one child are mostly quite different than the ones from mamas of 2+. when i was a mama to just one, i thought kid leashes were degrading and icky, and I was quite rigidly judgemental of them(and lots of other stuff, fwiw)...now, after having a second child, and expecting #3 in September, I can absolutely see their value.
i would definitely pick the short commute and apt over the 2 hrs a day driving. we've done that, nooooo fun. gas is expensive, also. I would try to get ground floor if you can find it, for safety, for ease (no hauling loads of groceries up flights of stairs),and no worrying about driving the people under you nuts when the kids are playing. been there done that, would *not* do it again.
OMG poor mama I hope you get some good ideas, I sure wish I could help. Permanent markers oughta come with kid proof lids....hugs and good luck to you.
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