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op,you were a lot nicer than i wouldve been. seriously, we live at the beach, too, and encounter the same issue from time to time. there are signs at EVERY beach access that clearly state the leash law, and there is just no excuse for someone to miss them. i *hate* when someone gets angry and/or defensive, because you just don't know how someones dog will react to your child. no matter what a sweet animal they are, they are still that, a strange animal. super annoying. and...
it does get easier, the further along you get, the more you learn. each subsequent pregnancy has been easier for me in so many respects. my parenting is easier and better too. the first time is HUGE. you were not a mother before, and now you will be. this is something magnanimous, bringing a human being into the world, something you have not ever done before. any mama who says they never had a care their first go round is a great big liar i was where you are with my...
oops double posted
Quote: Originally Posted by hakeber Thank you for reminding me why I live in another country that requires plane travel and passports. :LOL to the OP, i think that seems like a LOT myself. especially when the visits are in your home. and especially when the relationship isn't particularly super fantastic and great with mil and you and with your LO. i think it's time to establish some boundaries that you are comfortable with. personally, i am...
my 7 yr old dd LOVES the stories. she didn't even know there *were* dolls until well after she'd begun reading all the books. you don't have to like or own the dolls to appreciate the books.
no way! cute as they are, and sweet as they may be at the moment, they are wild animals who carry lots of wild animal cooties. they are very prone to bite, also. i would let them be.
your birth your choice, mama! you don't have to do an hbac if you don't want to. sounds like you had a heck of a time with your last one. both my babies were posterior, and i had a very painful and traumatic birth with my second- i didnt really begin to process thru it emotionally and mentally until he was about 1. that experience and the pain, definitely affected my choices for my next births. it may make you feel better about everything if you can get your midwife to go...
post on mothering.com yay laptop!
i don't take take my kiddos to kid-places if they are running any kind of fever. upset stomach too. besides the fact that they could spread it, they may catch something worse while they are fighting off whatever they have. when we are in your shoes, we do walks around the neighborhood or playing outside on our patio. i hope he feels better soon!
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