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target walmart the childrens place
i like the idea of getting the old color dyed to match your new growth, if you can afford it. since you don't have crazy colored new growth, that'd be the easiest fix. i am growing out my grey right now, and have about 4 inches of salt and pepper brown and 8 inches of dyed brown. im using a semi permanent dye every month to blend the two until the salt and pepper is long enough to be an actual hairstyle that i like good luck!
my 7 yr old's favorites are monopoly and bananagrams.
eeeeek! that's.... uncomfortable! I wish i had some constructive advice. in my gut, i'd say just be blunt. be empathetic, but be honest. stinks, because, theoretically, i think we should all be able to NIP however and whenever we want and whoever doesn't like it can just deal, but that's not the way the real world works, and this mama's behavior (with the 2 boobs just both hanging out and chilling out, doubling as a busy box for the babe, lol) is realllllllly stomping...
i think that sounds fine! wonder why dh is reluctant? maybe he is afraid she will become upset and he doesn't feel like he can comfort her? praise him in advance for what a loving and attentive and capable daddy he is to DD, maybe remind him lovingly that he is her parent, too, and it's a really *good* thing that he can jump in and love her and comfort her without it being all on you-parenting is a team sport i hope it goes really well, it's HEAVEN to get away for a while!
looks awesome! i can't wait to see it
vulva. and then, also, the clitoris, vagina, and urethra. because that's what it is all called. i wouldn't give an elbow or a chin or an earlobe a cutesy psuedonym, why would i do it with genitalia? ( i do call toes "little piggies" too-but the kids know that they are actually called "toes" ) it has nothing at all to do with a child's knowledge of the mechanics of sexual function, as a PP implied. i don't understand that line of thinking. calling a body part by it's...
Quote: Originally Posted by Llyra The high-back Graco Turbobooster is not a booster that's used with LATCH, but it is a good safe booster for a child who's the right age and size, which it sounds like your DS is. And it's definitely under $100-- we paid $50 for ours. Plus, it converts to a backless booster later on, when your child is ready for a backless. yes i second that. we just got dd a monterey from diapers.com for $99 plus a 10%...
i am sitting here just sobbing. i cried thru the entire story. how beautiful. what an absolutely breathtaking, moving, raw and honest story. thank you for sharing this. wow. just. wow.
Quote: Originally Posted by zeldamomma Me too. If I felt miserable, and ibuprofen would help, I would take it. It would seem unkind to hold my child to a different standard. yes this for me also. if they are totally miserable, i will definitely give a dose of motrin.
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