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Thanks everyone, I will be checking out the other links. I just purchased a book about learning how to read for my son from Amazon, it should get here soon hopefully. I have a few workbooks for him that go over basics in math etc but I have a hard time remembering to do it with him every day like I should. It's hard to keep up with everything, :-/
Thanks everyone for the responses and sorry about my slow reply! I ended up using my birthday money to buy my husband a guitar...lol. Oh well. Hopefully I will get a sewing machine soon. I want to get the Brother CS 6000i. The sewing machine I already have is a Dressmaker. 
Yes, this is what we were doing previously however I no longer feel I can conscionably use the Sonlight curriculum. After I learned about Abeka books having curriculum teaching that “God used the Trail of Tears to bring many Indians to Christ.” I became extremely appalled and I started to ponder the issue more, thought about some of the books we had received as part of the curriculum from Sonlight and felt that they teach and promote things that we do not wish to support...
Thank you! Yes, there are about 3 shops here that claim to do sewing machine repair but two of them might be brand specific? One says Singer and the other says Bernina and Brother on the windows I believe. I'm not sure how that works, but I thought about going and getting estimates and comparison shopping. 
Wow, thank you so much! That is very helpful!
I have $100 birthday money and need help making a decision on how best to use it. I haven't really any experience sewing. However I would like to start making cloth wipes and some stretchy and nonstretchy wrap carriers and eventually move on to clothing. I have an old sewing machine that was given to me by a family member (has sentimental value for them), not sure of the brand but it isn't a "popular" one I don't think, and I think it is made all out of metal. However it...
Ds1 will be 8 in November. I have bought one school year for ds1 from Sonlight, because I liked the literature based approach but no longer feel it is right for us, since we aren't Christian (more like some Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, and Native American beliefs all intermingled). Ds1 is "behind" and not really reading much yet, I haven't done well in keeping up with teaching the past 2.5 years or so due to lots of things (stress, depression, a divorce, moving half way...
I avoided using Fels Naptha because of the ingredients. I'll see if a little extra borax and washing soda helps, though it seems like our clothes are getting pretty faded. When I add the soap after the laundry, it seems like the greasy looking spots are worse. I'm too lazy to wait around for when my washer is rinsing to add vinegar to the rinse cycle though haha. Thanks y'all. 
It has resolved but I wonder if it was cuz I have issues with remembering to stay hydrated. 
I started making laundry detergent using 1/3 of a bar of Dr Bronners, 1/4 cup borax and 1/4 cup of washing soda with 1 gal of water. We have an old top loader. I typically start the water, dump in the soap (about a capful from a detergent bottle, maybe 1/4 or 1/3 cup of detergent) then add the laundry. I'm having issues with the soap occasionally leaving greasy looking spots on clothes. I originally thought it was because I had been using glycerin soap so switched to the...
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