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I am so glad to hear some of you have had babies who don't drop till labor!  Michael didn't drop either, so I don't know what to expect iwth this one.  I don't thinkg he has dropped yet.  At least he still feels head down, so that's somethign!  Michael turned the night before he was born.
Ooh, Dragon will be cool.  Now to look for little baby dragon rompers :D...   Someone asked what sign the baby would be.  Well, I was born the beginning of dec, so am a Sag (so is DS 1), and DH was born beginning of Mar, so he's a Pisces.  My brother was born on Christmas, and a Cap.  But I had NO clue what the sign was in between all those signs :lol.  We had to look it up.  I think it would be cool to have a Pisces, so we have two and two, but I do NOT want to wait...
K, that is amazing!  I am C&Ping the details to my "birth plan."  I will be asking for those things as well.  Couldn't hurt to ask, eh?   So, I had a traumatic c/s with Michael, which was this crazy, "planned c/s for breech turned to natural labor turned to emergency c/s under general anethesia for compressed cord."  I don't EVER want to do that again.  I talked thoroughly with my midwife/monitrice (she will not be delivering me, but will monitor me at home until we...
So, my midwife told me to douche with lavender EO mixed with water.  She said if the test comes back positive after that, then I really did have GBS.  Haven't checked it out yet.
I am not due till the 17th.  My doctor refuses to tell me what they have down for the EDD, so I have no idea when they want to schedule the c/s.  We are meeting with our midwife this month to decide whether she wants to let me labor at home.  If she doesn't, we are going the c/s route.  I am making my piece with that.  I would rather be awake for a c/s than out cold like I was for Michael.  I want hbby to be there, and he wasn't for Michael, because i had an emergecny...
It is so normal :lol  Most of it is your brain processing the idea of birth and becoming a mom (again).   I have to share my dream with you guys.  I dreamt that I had my baby in like five seconds, and then I laid him down on (my son's??) bunkbed.  My hubby and I went all over telling everyone we didn't know about the birth (we didn't want to tell relatives just yet :lol).  I bumped into Michelle Obama, and invited her to see my baby.  We walked into the room, and his...
Mindie, that's about where i am.  I lost a bunch, and then gained it back once i could start eating again.  Of course, I am not able to eat so much anymore, so hopefully the weight gain will be kept to a minimum ;).
I added a new one to FB.  Between two weeks ago and this week, my belly has exploded :lol.  I am 33 weeks now, and last night, the baby kicked my belly button OUT!  It popped back in once the baby moved, but normally my belly button only pops out when I tense myself, and i certainly wasn't tense LOL.
I am not planning on it, because we move so much, and where would it go anyway?   At my mother blessing last time, everyone painted my belly, which was pretty cool, and the baby went nuts. :)
We have two convertible seats we have been using for Michael, that we will probably give to the baby.  I cant remember the name of the one, but the other is a Radian, and has a base, which we have never used, obv..  I think we might just be buying a booster for Michael (he's 6), since they are cheaper anyway.
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