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Birth tub in my kitchen/breakfast nook.  :D  We moved the table out...
I did a lot of research and found BirthWorks.  I had a great Bradley experience as a student but when I reviewed the materials I didn't find everything meshed with my current values about birth.  BirthWorks is a good match and has more flexibility in their curriculum and in the length of time certification takes (which is taking longer than I expected...).  
I know the food topic is OT kind of, but this is one reason why so many of us haven't had any babies in hospital for a long, long time. My experience was NOT as extreme as StormBride, but I really didn't get the link between food and energy in labor. I am also very hair trigger when it comes to blood glucose. I ate a "measly" lunch the day they were trying to "get me" to be induced for dd1 because my BP kept going up (not clinically, just slightly elevated,...
http://pottersviolins.com/rentals.php This is our luthier in this area. We paid the same price monthly to rent a (very tiny!) 1/32nd when dd was 3 in another city, and it was not so great of tone. Her teacher wanted her to move up to a Chinese violin, which was $500 plus the bow ($150) when she was only 5. We chose to go another route and worked through Marquis Violins in the LA area (and my friend who plays viola). That was a good transition instrument; also a...
Quote: Originally Posted by LuckyMommaToo --How do I find a teacher? I've been Googling, but not finding much. We live in Los Angeles, so it seems like it shouldn't be too hard, so I'm surprised. Any guidance? thanks, -e http://suzukiassociation.org/teachers/teacherloc/
Sociality begins at birth, and you socialize based on your child's needs from birth as well. Our oldest dd was able to sleep through anything, and we continued going out, hanging with friends as much as we wanted and she slept in her carseat (I didn't know about babywearing then). Our next 3 have needed lots of home time, and so we have limited their socialization accordingly. They're adjusting well as they grow up. Hang in there!
DH had chicken pox as a grad student, age of 23. Yeah, he was quarantined like 3 weeks before finals. Not cool. He has scarring. OTOH, I had CP when I was 6, and have no scars. He chooses to get the flu vax, I choose not to. We do delayed other vaxes for our kids, including CP, but at more like age 4 or 5 (before school).
We are in Virginia, but you could do this in a dozen states--go through a corn maze under the full moon. It was completely magical in a way I can't describe. We keep talking about it! A great fall activity. Maybe not available in AZ.
And, what is it with anaesthesiologists being rude? Are there any polite ones? (Actually I know one, but he doesn't work OB, and I know one nurse anesthetist, who sometimes does, but I'm sure she's not rude). "You need to hurry up and make a decision whether you want an epidural or not." "You need to hurry up" is an invasive phrase.
This is a fascinating discussion. I'm not certain if I really have anything to add. Except I will no longer be qualifying my "highly invasive, still unmedicated, pharmaceutically induced first birth" as less invasive than someone else's. I don't know if I would have felt more invaded if I'd had CS, but I never did, but this birth (and the photographer and janitor who came in just a couple hours after birth) felt very invasive and out of control to me. So I will own my...
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