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We have one veg child, and one meat eater. My dd became a vegetarian at age 3, and my son loves his meat. It's doable, especially if you do most of the cooking vegetarian anyway.
She has sensory issues- read The Out of Sync Child. Because she has several tics, I would take her to a good neurologist to make sure there isn't somethign neurological going on, and also just to double check development.
very nice! I haven't knit longies, so I can't really answer that- but I woudl imagine that you could knit them round until you get to the legs, and then split them off, or something. Long Tail cast on- I have heard about 1 inch for each stitch, or twice the finished width of the piece, but it's definitely better to go longer than shorter if ya KWIM It's a guesstimate as far as I have figured out.
I don't know about where you are, but where I live this is how it works: without a diagnosis, you cannot get ANYTHING you always have the option of going through private insurance, but getting them to cover much is not likely. under 3, the services are provided by the state Regional Center (who can then contract through a non-profit agency or private provider) Many times these services are done in-home, but not always. 3 through kindergarten age, the services are...
We celebrat Ostara-the spring equinox, the greening of the earth. This year it's one week before Easter, so that makes it even easier. All of the fertility symbols associated with Easter (flowers, eggs, bunnies, chicks, etc) are all very appropriate for this celebration. We have a book that tells a story of the Goddess Ostara, and her magical hare. The kids usually make a grass nest for the Ostara hare to leave colored eggs in.
"I think Ghandi (or insert another name) would disagree"
I think Birks are great for the summer as a mom. But I just had to point out that being short and wearing a long skirt, you are going to look like the skirt is swallowing you up. Try to find something a little more flattering and shorter- fit and flare just below the knee or something. Sorry- I was a fashion major in college
I don't knwo, we've had mean neighbors, and lots of kids who have ignored or been mean to my kids- and we're white as can be. Maybe it's not really racially motivated. But it still is difficult to deal with.
Love it! I have heard of kids named Truth, so Tru as a nickname does not sound strange to me.
I think that 7 everyday outfits plus a dress up outfit is plenty, like someone else said. If you're looking to simplify when buying new clothes, try to stick to a particular palette, so that it is all interchangable. Buy bottoms in colors that will match a lot- denim, khaki, navy, etc. That way, any shirt will match it. I find that one load of laundry a day (washing, dryng, folding and putting away) is more managable for me than several at once.
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