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It's 27 years old LOL Yeah, it really needs to be replaced, but in the meantime I am glad we cleaned it out and got the blanket. We have already made up our costs in one month.
We're in CAli- we have a law that requires them to cover things through insurance (mental illnes, and developmental dealys I think- AB 88 is the law, but I think it is still therapy that is medically necessary and not thigns liek ABA)), but most won't do it unles you re-negotiate your contract. I didn't even know that was somethign you coudl do- but ya can! An option to beware of if you're paying out of pocket for something your insurance should be paying for. services...
Our natural gas bill was over three hundred dollars the last two winter months. We were shocked, and not prepared for that! So we went to Home Depot and got a programmable thermostat and a blanket for the water heater. We just got our gas bill again- and we went from 240 therms to 100, and saved $200! Wooo Hoo!
Yep! My dh used to be a grocery clerk, and it was standard procedure to give the same discount on a similar item if a sale item was out of stock.
Most kids with Autism have sensory issues, but it is not a part of the diagnositc criteria. Many kids with sensory issues may also have defecits in some of the areas that a person will Autism has defecits in- but not all areas, or not as severely. the three areas which are affected in Autism are: language social and play skills or areas of interest a kid with SID may have problems in, say, social skills, because of the sensory issues involved with it- but their...
Both of my kids were mostly cloth diapered- with sposies for outings and trips, and some periods of sposie use for whatever reason. I'm done having babies, but if I did- it woudl be cloth diapered for sure.
My sister's nephew had the vaccine, and got a really bad case of chicken pox from it.
I had a friend who did this- her marriage was "over" and so was his. They met, fell in love again, and he and his kid moved in with her after her dh finally moved out. Fast forward a year- the old boyfriend is now gone and she's back with her dh, but now they have a whole bunch of new problems to solve, AND their dd has a bunch of emotional issues/behavior issues due to all the upheaval. Don't do it
We spent a couple hours between a first and seocnd visit, the inspection and a walk through. I loved it at first sight. I just knew it was the house for us. We bought it in October, and I still love it. I read somethign that said if you walk into the empty house, and still feel like you could just plop down on the floor and sit a while, it's a good sign.
this is the cheapest I have found: http://www.magiccabin.com/magiccabin/product.do?section_id=3&bc=1004&pgc=175&sv=333416& cmvalue=MCD|3|ARTS%20%20CRAFTS%20DEPARTMENTS|33336 5|COLLECTION|333416|333416-P1
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