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I make butter all the time. I leave the cream out all day before I do it though. That is what I have read to do, and it works well for me. It only takes me 15-20 minutes to get butter.
here's a link that explains it: http://www.geoexchange.org/about/how.htm
ownloaded the trial version to see what the consequences were (there are different sets of consequences for different infractions, apparantly) The ones that came up for me were: watching the wheel spin for 30 minutes (that I don't get at all), bathroom duty, and washing the dishes BY HAND (it made the by hand very specific). I don't know what "infraction" these consequences were for, but they don't seem to have acommon thread?
Yep- you get to just make up a name! We're the Little Twin Stars Day Academy LOL You can fill out the form, but you don't have to. That form actually requests a lot of info that you don't have to share. http://www.hsc.org/chaos/legal/priva....php#affidavit http://californiahomeschool.net/howTo/psa.htm If you fill it out with a number of students under 6, they will pretty much know you're a homeschooler. I seem to recall someone saying that you coudl just put the range...
freeze them! If you already have one leftover in ther fridge, stick the next thing in the freezer until it's gone. vegetables can be blanched and frozen too, or when they are starting to go bad make veggie soup
sorry but I found that as my kids got older, less and less people RSVPed. I don't think you can honestly expect people to do it- they just don't. It's rude, and you can keep hoping, but you will almost surely be disappointed.
boo suggestion: The Out of Sync Child
Like boysrus I took the flylady idea and I do a load a day. I start the washer on my way to bed, put them in the dryer first thing in the am, and by the time I am done with morning things they are ready to fol. I have one basket that goes form the porch where th ewasher and dryer are, to the bedroom. I sort and fold them on the bed (good motivation for having the bed made, too), and then we each put our stack of laundry away.
I do homeschool my son who has Asperger's, but here are some ideas about using the public school: Firstly, if she has a diagnosis, then she is entitled to an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), which will allow for her special needs to be met. According to law, she shoudl be placed in the least restrictive environment (regular ed class in her case), and then modifications can be made for her. She should have Occuparional Therapy (paid for by the school, and probably...
I have to change mine every hour or two on my very heavy days. Luckily those don't happen with every single period. Every 2-3 hours on my regular heavt days.
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