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We need to contact our credit card compaines to see if we can get our intertest rates lowered, but what is a reasonable amount? Will they "make us an offer" or should we have a number in mind? Anyone successfully done this? How did it work?
I want to get my bedroom organized/cleaned. I have room for a craft area- I just have to get the leftover boxes form moving gone through, and move stuff around. Gee, that sounds easier than it will be!
since he recently had pink eye, you might want to get them checked. I just wanted to suggest the possibility of a tic, as well- which woudl not be an uncommon thing.
Oh and I forgot to say that she went a few years wearing slipper/socks type of shoes, and ballet shoes. as for the flip-flop/snow boot thing (which my dd also does except she's very picky about her flip-flops) I believe it's because there is no contact/pressure on the whole of the foot with either of these choices. Snow boots are typically not tight- and cometimes have soft liners, which make it feel as if nothing is against your foot- as opposed to a traditional shoe...
I posted on the other thread, too Kennedy is one of my favorite names and it goes with the other names- that's my pick
I particularly like meals that do double duty- like something that you know you will end up with leftovers from, and then a secoond dish that uses the leftovers. Roasted chicken and vegetables and then chicken salad sandwiches or chicken pot pie or chicken soup or hot turkey sandwiches and then shepherd's pie topped with the leftover mashes potatos pasta soups falafel paella pot pies, or shepherd's pie sandwiches pasty type meal in a pastry things
sounds like a good plan
Now I don't have to be there the whole time, just occasional check ins, but at first- I did have to not only be there, but explain what needed to be done and help out as well.
My dd was born at home, and then taken to the hospital due to complications. The hospital would not so much as give me an aspirin because *I* was not the patient. I don't believe you can stay in the hospital for recoverey if you haven't delivered there in most places.
Let's see, one thing we do is that every night before bed- the kids clean up their rooms. I do an inspection, and if it's not clean enough I tell them what else needs to be done- no cleaning, no bedtime stories. We also have one day a week where we clean bedrooms- this includes dusting and vacuuming. The big thing for my kids is to have things organized in a way that they have places for everything they want. This means they have file folders for all of the paper scraps...
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