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thanks for the composting link! I'm in the US
Do you have any informative links on composting?
no- we both suck He had the finances because he was supposed to be better, but that obviously isn't working. We made an appointment to sit down and talk about finances last night, and he doesn't even have all the financial information information in one place so that we coudl look at it!
mine only has three thigns in it right now- but there are two loads of clean to be put away.
Check Ebay if garage sales/thrift stores creep you out. You may be able to get those brands that you love, in great condition, but at half the price. How much does a kid need? Well, it depends partly on how much you wash. They need enough seasonal appropriate clothes to make it easily from one wash to the next- so that depends on how many outfits she goes through a day, too, plus an extra outfit or two for diaper bags and backup. More than that is really unnecessary unles...
Thanks Collette, I have tried Nature Burgers- nobody liked them (except me). We have yet to find a meat alternative that everyone likes. There are a couple things dd likes, but nobody else will eat them, and the ones that I like nobody else likes lol I do much of what you described with your friend- cooking the meat separately as a sort of "side dish", it just gets to be a pain. I am trying to do more crock pot/freezer type meals so that I don't have to cook every...
Thanks dalai mama I made a tuna curry (dd does eat fish) over rice not too long ago, but the chil'ins complained that it was too spicy. *sigh*
Thanks Collette, I will ask her!
I don't buy all of these every month, but here's what I buy: shampoo and conditioner toothpaste pantyliners (but only til I get some sewn- I already use a Keeper and cloth pads) paper towels (only for really disgusting jobs, like pet messes and toilet cleaning- all else gets cloth) facial cleanser body wash dish soap (use it for hand soap also) flushabe kids wipes laundry detergent Bon Ami- only about once every 6 months ziploc bags dishwasher soap toilet...
I would say, start now. Declutter, organize, and evaluate everything you own. Make weekly trips to donate stuff, and work through the house in a systematic manner- one room per week or whatever works for you. When you have paired down as much as yout think you can, start your packing. Start with thigns that you can live without for a long time- books, memorobelia, artwork from the walls, etc. Label each box not only with what room it is from, but what it contains. Color...
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