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Our house is 50 years old, and when they added two bedrooms, they seem to have skimped on insulation, so I will be :
I like being in a co-op because we're in the sticks and I just can't find many of the things I buy without going from store to store, or driving an hour. The prices are not that much greater on many things, but the sales are often good- if you can get them before the item runs out.
Quote: Originally Posted by dharmamama That doesn't make sense to me. Hey, I'm in debt, but if there's an emergency, not to worry! I'll just get into more debt!! That's exactly what I am trying to avoid. I don't want to hoard away millions, but just enough for a car breakdown or other emergency.
When my dd wa sin the hospital, I was unfortunate enough to witness the circumcision of another baby. It was quick, and very businessliek on the doctor's end, but I will never forget those shrieks. It was horrible for me, and I was glad that I was holding my baby at the time, and wondering how often she had been subjected to this when I was not there with her.
I once had a package that got lost in the mail. From the looks of it, is was stuck in some bely of some machine. I got it a year later- without so much as an apology from the USPS. It wasn't diapers, though- it was homeschooling books. By the time we got it, the kid had moved on to the next level and I dind't need it lol
Ours has been crazy, too. We cleaned the water tank and put a jacket on it, and got a programable thermostat for the heater. Hoping that helps. Really, though- we just need to replace both as they are old, old, old.
I do not have access to the rest of the money, and have a set weekly "allowance", because I REQUESTED IT. Yes, that's right- I asked for him to set up our main accont so that I could not transfer in the money willy nilly because *I* have a spending problem. Your assumptions about my marriage are wayoff- my husband is not a controlling dictator- far from it. I'm sorry I wasn't more clear in my original post. The reason we are not currently saving is because there is nothing...
My husband and I do not share our views about our finances. He does not believe in having a savings "cushion", and so refuses to put anyhing into savings. He does not see investing in the future as a priority- even though we have no retirement and two children (one of whom has special needs and may need extra saving). He has no plan for getting out of our considerable debt, and he blames me for "not staying on budget", when I am given a certain amount of money each week...
Some of the thigns I like to keep on hand: grains like rice, Quinoa, bran flours vegetables- preferably fresh or fresh frozen, but canned also works pasta- good for soups and casseroles as well as in a traditional sauce butter, shortening, milk (for baking) eggs boullion- I use it for soup and grains We have a general outline for our weekly menu- soup breakfast 2 meat 3 meatless I try and make double batches of thigns that freeze well- soups, casseroles,...
I liek the dollar stores (we have a tone here- Dollar Tree, 99 Cents STore, and lots of mom and pop shops), but I have to be careful. Some of the "bargains" are more than I can fidn things for elsewhere- like someone else mentioned. But I also realized that if I buy food there, many times it is the smallest portion that I can get, and whiel it is still a bargain price wise, it puts me ina cycle of having to keep coming back again and again- and thus possibly buying more...
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