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I did start going through my stuff to see what I really have. I have three big bins of "craft" stuff, and a laundry basket (that I did loosely organize) of knitting stuff, plus a container of painting stuff, and a bin of soap making materials. One bin is my faerie making supplies- that's reasonably organized already. Another bin shoudl be just fabric- I need to go through that. I can see what I really need is a new sewing basket, so I will keep my eye out for one at the...
I got a lot out of Flylady, but I can't handle all those emails, and I needed to make my own "system". I have my modified system of morning, afternoon, and evening chores, and I do try and get other things done- but they are "extra".
Kennedy has always been one of my favorite names, and it definitely goes best with your tribe
We need to look into this, too.
Right on! We cleaned Jack's room last week, too We didn't get rid of much- well quite a few crappy little plastic toys that creep into our lives somehow and afew broken things as well. Now it's all organized, and so much easier fo rhim to keep clean.
I am redecorating my kids rooms for their birthdays, the thriftiest thing that I have done for that is to ask my mom, the sewer and bargain hunter, to make thigns for their bedrooms as birthday gifts. My mom had made my son a shirt that was a black background with flames and blue chinese dragons on it. This was the basis for his room- lots of blue denim, with black accents. My mom was able to get more of that fabric, and is making him curtains and quilts for his bunk bed,...
well you could make tabs out of the ribbon, or ties too- two pices that would be tied at the top rather than a loop
I say, choose a project, but what you need for that project, and go from there. I like these places: http://www.knitpicks.com/ http://secure.elann.com/frames.asp and this one for free patterns and articles: www.knitty.com
Keep the books up where she can't reach them for now, only for the two of you to share when you can sit down with her, and limit her selection to board books to have in bed.
You could sew tabs to the top and hang them from dowels. Michaels usuallu had a 50% off custom framing order cupon on their flyers- although I have no idea what the cost actually is.
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