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stretchmark, If eating out is your downfall, what about freezing some pre-made meals to have on those nights you just can't cook? Making double batches of something is usually not that difficult, and you woudl be eating healthier as well as cheaper. Crockpot id great for buys days as well. If you can spare 25-20 minutes in the morning (or less), you can come home to a hot, homecooked meal!
Good for you! I decluttered a bunch before we moved, and I still tossed a bunch when we moved in LOL
Calcium Carbonate is Chalk- definitely not dairy.
We have toy organizers that I bought at Target quite a while ago (on sale). They are wooden dowels that hold plastic bins. I liek these a lot, because each bin holds a specific type of toy, and can be removed easily. So when my son wants to play "spies", he can take the bin out, have all his grear handy, and then when he is done he just dumps everything back in the bin and sticks it back on the rack. There is no searching for toys, and you can see where everything is.
Hey dalai mama! You have another baby! CONGRATS!!! I made polenta once, and I really didn't like it- neither did anyone else. pizza is an issue because of the cheese- we can't even find good vegan cheese around here unles I special order it from the co-op. My son has a problem with the smell of vegan cheese, so if I make it I have to listen to him complaining and possibly not eating because the smell bothers him that much. I do a lot of soups (which the kids are...
Our house is finished (we're about 50 years to late for that), but we don't have any lawn or anything to be concerned about ripping up, and it just so happens that my husband is a geologist, and does drilling for a living. He could probably have the hole drilled for a 6 pack of beer, and he thinks he could do the rest of the work himself if he could find a consultant to guide him. Our gas bill has been $300-400 this winter (our first winter in this house) so we seriously...
we bought a insulation blanket for our water heater, and a second reusable filter for the heater so that when one is being cleaned, there is another to put in. We bought blackberries- more than we need for really cheap, so we can freeze some for smoothies.
I was just so excited for this forum LOL we were looking at the tankless systems today. The ones we saw said they are not to be used in places where more than one appliance at a time needs hot water- ie shower and sink, etc. My husband said he had heard you need to have one at each location- liek one on the bathroom, one in the kitchen, one in the laundry. They definitely don't seem liek they would work for us, I need hot baths, and dh takes long hot showers. He is...
she can't have cheese except on occasion because of a sensitivity to it. She will eat some vegetables- broccoli, corn, carrots she likes pasta, but not sauce- and not with anything else in it not a fan of salads stir fries are so so
crappy fried foods, anything with no nutritional value, and sugar LOL She doesn't like too many meat substitutes, so I was thinking of meals that would be "complete" without the meat. She does really like falafel, but eats only the falafel and not the pita/lettuce/tomato sandwich.
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