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What part of the country are you guys in, and how many people are in your family?
curtains and window dressings are really easy to make. If you have big windows, you can use a sheet without much alteration. Baskets are often cheap and plentiful at second hand shops second hand furniture often just needs a coat of paint and new handles Paint on the walls is really the cheapest way to transform a room If you sew, and can find fabric cheap, you can sew up everything from throw pillows and slipcovers to quilts and curtains
If you can do without it, good for you!
cooking from scratch stocking up on sales freezing, canning, baking with foods that might go bad buying used or making using the library
Those are good suggestions. Problem is- my daughter doesn't like those things. She's a picky eater.
I support Target partly *because* they don't contribute to military/political causes, rather than *despite* it. They also contribute to places like Ronald McDonald's houses (I think they call theirs Target Houses) where families of sick kids can stay near the hospital. Having been in the position to have stayed in one of those places, I know what that can mean to a family. So I support them because of that as well.
I need to get my sewing/knitting/other crafting stuff organized. It's a mess. But I also don't have a bunch of money to buy organizers. How do you keep your supplies neat and tidy without spending a fortune? Post pictures if you can!
How much do you spend on running the house each week (or month), and where do you live? I have $200 a week for everything that does not come in the form of a bill- this includes groceries, household items like linens, kitchenware, etc, shoes and clothing, gifts and holiday items, entertainment (excluding our Netflix bill), dog and cat food, litter, toys, etc., any classes lesson, filed trips or extra curricular activities for the kids, and whatever else comes up. I...
We're looking at having to replace both our furnace and water heater in the future- what alternatives are there to the traditional models?
We have vegetarians and carnivores in our house. A couple times a week I make meat dishes for appease my husband, but we end up[ fishing out the meat (or making a veggie version) for my vegetarian dd. Does anyone have good recipes done in a "bar" style where each person coudl add or not ad dmeat and it woudl still be a filling, healthy dish?
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