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The tissue paper flames would be *so * cute! I am having my kids help make their costunmes this year as part fo a school project (we homeschool). I can't wait so see what ideas they come up with.
Congratulations to you on pumping for so long. I think it's truly wonderful. My 7 yr old has low tone, but now he does thing liek climbing trees to improve LOL Here is a list that I compiled a while ago- your kiddo may not be ready for many of these yet, but they may get you thinking 1) On the floor, roll with arms overhead, keeping arms up and legs out straight. Roll slow several times then make a game of it and roll faster to each side. Roll at least three times to...
I am the mom of a 4 year old chronic masterbater (and she's a girl, too) I think it's perfectly normal. For me, the important things are to teach her that the behavior is completely acceptiable (it's not gross or nasty), but that there is a time and place for it- when you're alone. I also have started telling my dd that it is important to make sure her hands are clean if she wants to touch herself- (she's always been prone to infections and ended up on a cath in the ER...
What about using a big cardboard tube (maybe you could get one from a construction site, or carpet place?) or box to paint. You could make a hat that looks like the nose, make straps for the body and add the wings on the side. He coudl wear black or white tee shirt or sweats underneath. It's a really cute idea. I hope you can make it work. Try going to the NASA site to look at pictures to help. Good luck!
{{{bebe luna}}} I'm so sorry that you dh has relapsed and you're going through this. You are absolutely doing the right thing for your family, and I really commend you for that. It's not an easy path, and you are a strong mama. I will be thinking of your family.
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Baby Bjorn has another one (or did a few years ago) that sits on the floor. It's made so that the child can sort of straddle it, and slopes up slightly in the front- rather than having a separate guard piece (which can actually cause painful accidents for young boys occasionally) It's all in one piece, which makes clean up not quite so simple. But, if you leave an inch or two of water in it it helps considerably with BM's.
I'm so glad to hear that things are improving. You're one hell of a mom in my book!
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Knitted slippers, bath baskets (homemade soaps, bath salts teas or bombs, knitted washcloths, etc), cloth napkins with napkin rings, and knitted scarf and hat sets.
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