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I have been selectively and delaying my son's vaccines and had planned on having him have the MMR when I felt that time was right. He just turned 4 and I am still not wanting to give it to him. My plan had been to do the MM and then have his titers checked and if needed give him the single dosage of measles. I have now heard that the single dose won't be produced anymore. There is a lab that has some left and my ped suggested we do the measles only now and then the MMR at...
Quote: Originally Posted by Angela512 Nah...never offer more than what is asked for. If they need a copy of the record, they'll give you a grace period in which to give it. Oops I miswrote - they already have that in their files which is why I am wondering if the religous exemption on top of it will look suspicous?The problem is his note isn't a TRUE medical exemption since we had agreed on just waiting and I don't think he will wrote one...
Thanks everyone! We are in Virginia. I downloaded the letter we need to bring in and have notarized. I just wasn't sure if I should ask for his vaccine record with the doctor's note saying why we are delaying on it as well so it wouldn't look suspicious? But I guess it is true about um finding religion at anytime
Hi, My DS is in preschool 2 days a week and has been partially vaccinated. We stopped at 15 months and have been delaying them since then. He is now almost 3. His doctor wrote a note at the begining of the year stating we were waiting until DS has gained weight and we feel more confident about vaccinating him. There were no issues with the prescool but today they told me they are going to be audited and they think that this will raise flags. Should I just claim a...
what a great wahm!
that fussybutt set is amazing.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamamoo OMG!! I have sooo missed your songs!! Yay!! For the diapering board back to normal!!! : I was thinking about your songs the other day and wondering if there would ever be more
that is great you found it!
So who got the cool fluffymail snake set and the gorgeous kiwi frog?
What a great idea and what fun it is to see the amazing fluff!
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