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i recommend cradlerock children's center. http://cradlerockcenter.org/
Quote: Originally Posted by homewithtwinsmama Perhaps you would like to be my new neighbor. There is a house on my street that is selling well below market value (guy needs to sell bad at this point). Its a single family home within walking distance of Hopewell Pool, playgrounds, Lake Elkhorn/playground/Giant, A 1/2 mile from the Supreme Sports, Starbucks, Three Brothers Pizza. PM me if you want the street to drive down and check out. There is...
you can get most add ons from wowinterface.com too and all you do is dl the zip, open it, and take out the folders and place them in Interface > Add Ons > *put them here* in your world of warcraft folder.
If you bring it back north va land, could you give us a shout? I dont think I could get to charlottesville on short notice
bump, always looking
go visit Cradlerock Children's Center. http://cradlerockcenter.org/
Quote: Originally Posted by Viola Well, some of them are men. Now I know what you're thinking--the idea of men on Mothering is a myth, and most men don't play WoW. But, I think there are more than a few. You mean the men that come out here as so and so's husband or whatever, or you mean you think there are men on this thread who all over mothering act like they are women? weird
Quote: Originally Posted by Tracy I am pretty bummed. I learned so much from the moms who had differing opinions of mine. I welcomed it so much. I am kind of stunned right now. Me too, and i would really like a heads up as well if some of the members here that frequented the N&CE forum decide to discuss elsewhere. As others have said, I learned and cared so much more about current events based on our conversations rather than...
Quote: Originally Posted by ~Purity♥Lake~ Well, I haven't been playing wow, because a tree fell on our trailer house. holy cow! I am glad no one was hurt. I hope you guys get somewhere comfortable for all of you soon.
So whats everyone been up to? My pally is now a few bubbles from 76 and I am trying to hang on till I get flying so I can finish it up. It gets to drag around 75, 76 imo. And my druid got The Undying title the other day which is the one thing I really wanted cause it sounds pretty cool, (that and of the Nightfall) but that one is pretty darn hard. I am happy cause I healed some regular level instances as ret and did pretty well, lol. I hate spending money on respecs....
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