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Joined when the boys were babies-and they are 13 now. I never posted much, but always appreciated the dialogue and wisdom on these boards. I spent hours reading back in the day. Mothering has changed, but just looking at today's new posts, the same topics keep coming up!
Wow, only 2 for Kennedy. I feel old now!!!    
There is crazy variability. I had friends who supplemented, etc. who took a year or more to get it back, and I exclusively nursed TWINs on demand-no bottles nothing but me- and mine came back at 6 months. Not fun!
Cranmore Mountain Lodge. It's seconds from the ski area, and right off the main drag. They have 2 rooms with kitchenettes. We've stayed there lots-the breakfasts are great, and they do gluten-free.
Not a single problem! My twin boys  are 10.
Not a dime of debt! I managed to get all of my BA amd MA paid for with scholarships. It helps to be poor, sometimes.
Other than being ginormously huge, I had no issues or problems-took my dd to the mall the day before they were born, and scared a whole lot of people!!!! Mine came at 38 and 1/2 weeks, and were 7 lbs 12 oz. and 6 lbs 3 oz.
I nursed mine, and I agree with f&psmama, it was the easiest part. But the thing to remember is how hard the first few months are, regardless of how you feed them. I think a lot of the other parent's issues are global, not just linked to bfing. Most folks think the first year is hard. Knowing that in advance can make a real difference in attitude and being able to cope. I also know equal numbers of twin moms who had ppd and who didn't, the same as I know singleton moms. So...
We drive a newer Forester, and the automatic transmission is fine-no problems at all. The 2008 and newer ones are large, and in your range of $20,000! (We got ours for $19,500, new) Just thought that might help.
"Mons" in Latin.
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