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Thanks for the reply, Sarah.  We are headed out tomorrow for an interview on Friday! :)
Hi there!  I see this area of the US is quite inactive here in the forums but I thought I'd check anyway. :) DH has a good job opportunity in Powell WY.  We are currently living in an extremely conservative, religious pocket of SD.  We are hoping to stay in a small town rural setting but find a community that has a little bit more of a crunchy population.  We are a home/un-schooling, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, extended breastfeeding, spiritual/non-religious family with...
Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to get this stuff down?  What are the best flavors.  I bought the combo that has chocolate flavor and it's a gel.  It's not working.
Still here.  Still waiting.  Lots of contractions and mucous but no real labor.  Trying to stay positive.  They will induce me Monday morning.  I'm 42 weeks today.
Congratulations on all the February babies! Today is 41 weeks 4 days for me and now we're in March! Had my membranes lightly stripped yesterday and started with black cohosh.  Still no labor. :(
They all come out eventually! Patience is the hardest at this point!!
Hey there.  Just wanted to chime in and make you all who are left waiting not feel so alone. :)  I've lurked here through most of my entire pregnancy.  My due date was Feb. 18th.  But this is baby #5 for us and all my other kids went past at least 41 weeks.  Our two boys were actually very close to being born at 42 weeks.  I've had lots of BH the last few weeks which is unusual for me and it's driving me crazy.  It reminds me of an earthquake...once it starts, you sit...
Thanks for all the input!  I'm thinking of having the MIL make me a pseudo binsi.  It's sad to me that all these great products are so darned expensive!!
I've had two horrendous hospital births, one awesome birth center birth, and one amazing home birth.  In that order.  Unfortunately, due to the laws in the state where we live now, the only option I have is to go back to the hospital.  One of the things I am doing to try and prepare for what I like to call my "home birth in the hospital", is thinking long and hard about how to create my own cocoon of comfort in the hospital room.  I've decided that the idea of wearing a...
New Posts  All Forums: