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I was going to suggest a word that we use in french, that (once again, in french) is not a loaded term at all but rather delicate. But I did not know how to say this word in english. In french it is "entrejambe" which means, the space between your legs. I googled it. Turns out in english the word is crotch. Not so delicate.  I realise this is not what you want to hear, but our kids know and use the terms vulva, vagina, and clitoris. Not that you want or need to use...
My ds has read at least some books from each of the series Mandib listed, and liked them all.   Percy Jackson and the Olympians is the series that he is reading right now (he's also 8). However, I'm not sure why you're not allowing the later Harry Potters (I can think of many potential reasons!), so I'm not sure if you would consider this appropriate. We let ds read all the Harry Potters; he was under 7 for sure, but I don't censure books because my ds will stop...
I had frequently recurring yeast infections for almost three years. Garlic, monistat, etc would work to "cure" the infection but it would recur every two to three months. Oral probiotics did not help in my case. The only  thing that finally cleared it up was probiotics inserted vag. (Bought probiotic tampons, but you could just insert acidophilous powder or half an open capsule?) I had to do that for about three months during AF each time, but now I 've been yeast free...
I don't have one, but based on pictures I've looked at it appears to have two layers, since it is two different colours (inside colour and outside colour). But if your fleece is heavy enough, and depending on where you live, I would think one layer should suffice. If you already have the fleece, put baby in carriere and wrap fleece around you both like a shawl, then go for a walk to test how hot/cold you are with one layer. 
I know some people use eggwhite instead of preseed, it's supposed to mimic fertile mucous so I imagine it would lubricate and it's sperm friendly.
It would be a huge change, and you are spot on it would probably freak me out in a good way! Thank you    I love all the pet readings. 
There has been research suggesting that use of tinfoil hats increases your likelihood of developing cancer of the hair follicle, and substantially increases likelihood of being struck by lightening.  Otherwise, I would be wearing a tinfoil hat because : We don't use microwaves, or tefal, or 'normal' deodorant, or aspartame. Xrays as needed ( I usually let the dentist have a peek every few years as opposed to the norm which is I think yearly?) Fluoride: not in our...
Could you have kidney stones? when i was pg with ds I had similar pain that turned out to be stones... sharp and sudden, intermittent. 
Well now I want one too! And I think it is far beyond my sewwing capabilities. Sorry I'm no help!
Do you see us having another child?
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