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where are y'all raw mamas!!!!!!!!!!??????????
a lawyer...then i got lazy in school.
Quote: Originally Posted by tboroson Hmmm... I'm going to pick up a few ingredients tomorrow and try to make this. I wonder... can I sub hemp seed for the flax seed? I wonder if the muciliginous (sp?) coating of the flaxseeds is important to the structure of the muffin.
i don't think so...the flax gells up
the straw thing works well for me, if you use a food processor, it wilkl grind them more smoothly apricot kernels are nore of a nut-like, and are very nutritious...and expensive
and adding "greens" to your smoothies works WONDERS for cutting cravings!!! it may sound weird, but try adding a pound of spinach or kale to your smoothie
Quote: Originally Posted by kate~mom feeding the baby is more inherently "your job" than diapering! it's not fair to you if he only takes the good stuff! ditto that!
evil try those mentioned above and stevia
i would only offer the advice others have given you but...hope you get it going soon...I love my Isis!
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