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Hang in there mama! *hugs*
Congtaulations Hope your little guy comes home soon!
Finally found our way here Henry is nursing great...sleeps pretty well at night. A wonderful little guy all around
I never had this happen with my other three... DS will be 2 weeks tomorrow. He has been doing great so far with the nursing (gained almost a pound in a week!) I've been nursing on demand. Anyway, yesterday and today, he has slept more than he has nursed. Should I be worried about this? Is it normal? Will my supply suffer since he is not nursing as much as he was? As I said, I never went through this with my others.
*hugs* I know exactly how you feel! My oldest two are 20 months apart and I did feel a little guilty when I was pg with #2. However, my real guilt showed up at the begining of my last pg as my youngest two are 11 months and 10 days apart. Oh my! I felt *so* guilty! But then I look at my oldest who are best friends and know the same will happen with the youngest. I'm very lucky in the fact that DH does the majority of his work from home so that he can pay extra attention to...
Sending lots of positive vibes your way and keeping you in my prayers!!!!
DD2 had a check up today so I had Henry weighed. He was 8/6 at birth and they didn't tell me his discharge weight, but last Thursday he was 7/14. Today he was 8/9!!! Couldn't believe it
Hmmm...well, I'm 11 days pp and I'm slowly getting back to "normal." I was trying to lose weight before I got pg. Haven't weighed myself since having baby...hate the scale! I don't think I look pregnant anymore...thankfully! I did have that for almost a week. I've been wearing lots of elastic waist stuff, but it's getting old.
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