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*hugs* Keep us updated
either the sundae dress or the batik outfit
Yeah! Good luck!
nak This is something I have been mulling over for quite sometime. I've been gathering some good ideas from here and there and I'm starting to implement some of them. My two oldest are still fairly young (5 & 3), so I've been met with little to no resistence. Basically, they do have a "chore" (just one right now, on cleaning day) DD1 dusts and DS1 cleans the glass surfaces in the living room. Other than that, I just say something like "Okay, Rhonda, you wipe down the...
nak I have found that massaging my breast helps sometimes too, when ds is starting to doze. wakes him up a bit and he'll nurse some more.
Congratulations! Enjoy
One of the best "couples" costumes I've seen was Mother Nature and Father Time. I actually did the Mother Nature one one year. Turned out cute. The kids won't know what they want to be until last minute. I'm hoping I can get another year out of the cat costume I made for DD1's first Halloween. Hopefully DS2 won't be too big for it!
Not sure what I'll be doing for DH as he's quite difficult to find things for. Dad and FIL will both be getting knit scarves, pajama pants (easy simplicity pattern), and spiced nuts. Mom-a knitted bath pouff and some hm bath products, a purchased t-shirt with Elvis on it, a bracelet w/matching earrings MIL-not sure. We are buying a joint gift for IL's (George Forman Grill), so I just don't know. She's hard. Doesn't have any hobbies or anything. Her birthday is in...
-devon's necklaces! Will be making several for gifts this year! -spiced nuts -assorted candies (I love gifts from the kitchen! I only do them if they are quick and easy)
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