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I know I'm new and don't know you, but *hugs* I think it is probably a combination of the move and your pregnancy. I do sometimes get a little blue because I don't get out much. Although I don't mind going out alone, I don't often get to do it because I do have the kids. Have you tried looking for a playgroup in your new area and it just didn't work out? Anyway, I can be an online buddy for you if you'd like. I'm usually home anyways! lol! Jenn
I'm with you. I do work part time (that will end the end of May!) as a TA at my oldest twos preschool. That's on Tuesday and Thursday. Generally we SAH Mondays and Wednesdays and run around a bit on Friday. Sometimes we will go out on Wednesday instead and SAH Friday. Mondays we are always home because that is cleaning day Jenn
Yeah for you! I only work part time, but with us expecting a baby in August and having a 7 month old plus a 5 yr and 3 yr old, we decided I should stay home. I'm very excited! My paycheck wasn't a lot of our income (thankfully), but it did allow for some things we will now have to do without. I'm sure we won't miss them that much though! Good luck to you! Jenn
besides ebay and orangestarfish, where can I get used cloth diapers inexpensively? I've started using cloth on my 7 month old, but don't have a lot and would like to add to them. Also, we are expecting another baby in August and having a nice supply would really help out! TIA for your help! Jenn
Hello everyone! My name is Jenn. I'm a mostly SAHM to three wonderful kids ages almost 5, 3, and 7 month. DH and I are expecting #4 in August! My interests include sewing, knitting, crocheting, tating, cooking, baking, playing handbells, swimming, reading, and being frugal, among other things! Jenn
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