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What a great site! Thanks erin.
I'm going to try and get by the store tomorrow and pick up a few things. I'm usually not very hungry at all, so this is driving me nuts!
Well, I'm no longer pg, just wanted to give ! I know it won't help, but it won't be too much longer now!
Can't wait to hear all about it! Go. baby, go!
Red Raspberry tea sluggers? Nope Yoga? Nope Inner peace? So-so Athletes? Heck no Mental "readiness"? Yes Family history of this? Not really Small baby? Average Lots of braxton-hicks? So-so My first two were difficult and not fast at all, but looking back now, I know why and would have done things a lot differently. My first ended up in a c/s. She was 7.7. My second was a little over 12 hours of labor (he was a month early) and was 6.3. My third, well, to tell...
thanks for the suggestions! Yes, drinking tons of water! When I nested, I went through a cooking phase and so I have a freezer full of main dishes. Luckily don't have to worry about those!
and I need snack ideas! I'm five days pp, milk has come in, baby is nursing like mad, and I am hungry all the time! I'm trying to eat healthier and would love some nutritious, bm friendly ideas TIA!
Link isn't working for me Sorry your birth wasn't the best. Congratulations on Andrew!
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