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I have to agree with everyone here and say that it does not sound like a smart decision. It sounds like they would have financial control over you by letting you stay there, and because of this they will feel they have the right to say whatever, whenever and if your dh isn't one to stick up for you, then you are going to be miserable. I've been there, after my dd was born we lived with MIL for 3 months before we could move and go to  school- disaster! Our relationship...
For a family of four we spent roughly around 650$, but this was a low month actually, because we ate out quite a bit :(
Me too!
I'm lucky I guess, My dh's family never expect me to cook now that I don't eat meat. I think they are scared what I might serve them (probably something terrible like Pasta or fajitas, ya know, really scary vegan stuff :) so usually we just eat out or order pizza. Easier for me anyhow.  
I don't know much about 2007's but we just bought a 2008 and really enjoy having the rear a/c vents and we get fairly decent gas mileage. I think though, with the price difference you are talking about, the little amount of gas saved wouldn't seem worth it. We bought ours for 12k about a month and a half a go and new ones go for about 19k. I don't think i'd buy a 2008 for the price you mentioned. Good Luck whatever you decide.
For ds' classmate's birthday parties, we spend about 15$ and can usually pick up two small gifts and a card. For family bdays, we spend about 30$. We have never been invited to a neighbors party, although I imagine we'd spend about 15$ there as well.
First I'd pay off CC debt (about 1500) then I'd take the kids to the local amusement park (200$) then i'd put the remainder towards my car(1300)
Yep, this. We got rid of cable, our only tv entertainment is netflix. I watch it on friday and saturday night :) I don't sit on my couch during the week either (cuz i'd fall straight asleep) and I eat a lot more simple meals than i would like. I do try and go to bed by ten or eleven otherwise i find it hard to function in class. I constantly feel like something in my life is not being attended to, but I know that it is temporary. But even though it is super hard most the...
We always get the extended warranty because i have horrible luck with cars- Last car needed a 3k dollar headlight problem fixed about six months after we got the car- cost us 100$ and the warranty totally paid for itself with that one repair.
For tracking my runs/walks i use imapmy. It is nice. I just turn it on when i leave my house and stick it in a pocket and when i get home it tracks how far i went and how long it was. You don't need a chip or anything. For nutrition tracking, I use the sparkpeople app. I think it connects with your online profile but I'm not sure, i just use it on my phone.
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