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I've been wanting to try kettleballs, but i have no idea what weight to buy. I don't want to get one too light or too heavy since they are quite expensive. Any idea on how to pick the right one?
We are on our second Snow day in a row- Here is what we have done so far: Paint Video Games Baking Hot Cocoa Clean Movies Play Games     and today we are gonna go sledding :)
My University Closed too! So did both kids school. My son has a doc appt later, and I'm sending my hubby to take him. We live close so i'm hoping its not too bad of a drive for him. I have a box of wine in my fridge, so i'm all set there. I made banana bread this morning also.I'm still in my pjs and have no desire to fix that :)   I love lazy days!
Jillian Michaels has a new kettleball dvd that i've heard is good. Here is the link on amazon.
After i finish my coffee I'm gonna set the timer and : Bring clean laundry upstairs to fold - 2 min Organize cupboards -5 min Sweep and mop- 10 min Run dishwasher- 1 min Bring vacuum downstairs- 2 min Wipe kitchen table down - 1 min 20 min! and maybe if I get on a roll I'll actually fold and put away the laundry too  :)
We live in a fairly Low COL in a college town. There are a ton of great local places to eat here, and if we decide to go out we know that there will be at least a 50$ bill. That is only if we are not eating an appetizer, or a desert, or getting drinks. Usually though, we plan to spend at least 100$ for a family of four. For pizza its usually 30$ or less. If we want cheap pizza we go to CICIs on kids night.
I grew up in Ohio and man i miss the drive thrus. Not only do they sell alcohol, but cigs, chips, milk!!!, and soda. It would be so nice to not have to wake the kids to get milk. I also loved that you could get a six pack from the bar before you left, you can't do that here. Now i don't really care so much, but this ticked me off when i was younger and wanted the party to keep going after the bars closed down.   Here, we can buy liquor and beer only in the liquor...
Mine too. If he doesn't call, he will bring home the wrong thing. One trip i wrote " one Yellow box, barilla plus, farfalle pasta" He brought home blue box, penne. Not a huge deal, pasta is pasta, but it is frustrating.  
It's just me and my two kids this year :( Usually I go to my mom's with the kids, but she works this year and so does dh. I made cheesey beer dip with hawaiian bread, pumpkin pie , cheesecake dip, and I'm drinking wine.  The kids are allowed to stay up but I don't think dd will make it. New Years day we have a traditional meal we have to eat with my mom, It's very important to her . It's Pork (this year ribs), sauerkraut, and blackeyed peas, for good luck in the new...
Does anyone know if there is somewhere online to watch one of the networks  countdown? I don't have tv and want to watch it live with the kids.
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