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Say you get 6k back from taxes and sell the escort for 2k. That is 8k. Pay MIl the 3k you owe her . Then ask her nicely for the car. If she gives it to you, move! You will have 5 k for debt and moving expenses. I know from previous posts that you hate living with MIL so you have to figure out if moving is worth the extra time it will take you to pay off the debt. You pay her 500$ per month, I"m sure you can find a place in another city for that price. My mom paid 410$...
We have spent 600$ so far. Dh and I don't do gifts for each other, just stockings. I buy for 12 people. For extended family, the budget is 40$e. I have spent about 150$ on each kid. I still have more to buy for stockings and some gift cards to buy.  I always spend around 900$ total.
Last year someone posted a recipe for a breakfast casserole dish when I asked for ideas, and it was so good. Its a pie crust with hash browns, eggs, cheese, spinach, onions, and milk mixed together and baked. We make it all year, but i'm having it for xmas morning as well, paired with fruit and muffins.
Santa brings everyone presents and fills everyone's stockings. Dh fills mine, and I fill his so it's a bit of a secret. Our stockings are ones we bought at Target a few years back, they have the first letter of our names on them. Santa also wraps all the presents, but not the stocking stuffers.
Dh and i are both full time students. Ds is in first grade and goes to an after care program 3 days a week until 5, that is free. Dd goes to daycare those three days and we pay 100$/week. We only started that this semester because dh and I are getting close to finishing our degrees and can't always go to class opposite each other  anymore. Dh works nights and weekends and I stay home with the kids those times.
We never had a Xmas eve food tradition except hot chocolate after coming home from gma's house. Christmas day is sort of like Thanksgiving but with  ham. Now we celebrate Xmas eve with DH 's family, their tradition is soup and hors d'oeuvres  and lots of junk.   New years day is always black eyed peas, sauerkraut, and pork of some sort for good luck.
The birth of my second child made me feel the same way . I couldn't watch CSI, the news, or read the paper anymore. The anxiety became extreme for me though, affected my functioning. I had panic attacks getting in the car, scared we would wreck. Basically, if i was in an environment that i felt i couldn't 100% protect my kids, i would panic. I had to take sleeping pills to sleep at night, because the worries wouldn't go away. Everything was a trigger. It was terrible. I...
For our topper we just have a generic star we bought at Target.   Our traditions include: Getting pjs/christmas movie/book from the "elves" christmas eve night, and drinking hot cocoa. Letting the kids open their stockings as early as they want on xmas morning (as long as the sun is up) and having a good breakfast in the morning.   We also listen to christmas music a lot, and dance around. We bake a ton of cookies to give away, and spend lots of time...
I always make goals for the new year. i've been in quite a funk lately and I'm turning 30 this year so I'm feeling like big resolutions are needed to start steering my life in the  direction i want it to go. Of course, i've already started on some of those things, but I like the clean slate that New years brings.   Some of my resolutions are: Progress towards purchasing a home- Pay off debt, get a part time job. Progress towards being the healthiest I can be-...
I think either the mug idea or the ornament idea would be nice. I don't think anyone would expect you to get a more personal gift since you just started working there. In my experience, if a gift is edible people either enjoy it themselves or easily pass it on to someone else.
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