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I wasn't vegan during either of my pregnancies but for my first, all i could stomach was Caesar salad and pumpkin pie. With my second it was cheese crackers. Not very healthy, and not a single fruit or vegetable (well, if you count pumpkin ) My point is, sometimes you just have to eat what you can tolerate, even if it may be lacking in certain nutrients. Your body will tell you what you need.
Box stores don't bother me, but malls do. I have to go when they are extremely slow or I panic. Too many people, too little space- all the kids/groups just hanging out. I hate even thinking about it. I am so glad we don't have a mall here!
We pay 60$ for Att, it's like the third or fourth fastest they have available. We don't have cable or anything so it's how we justify it.
Quote: Originally Posted by texmati Laundry? (clean but in baskets, left in the dryer, on the couch for days waiting to be put away...) Floors? (crumbs, or clothes on the floor in bedrooms, toys on the floor, spots on a kitchen floor). Dishes? (dirty in the sink for how long, clean but not put a way, dishes left in the living room or a night stand...) closets? How cluttered can they be? stuffed, or tidy and usable? Bathrooms? General clutter?...
I am going to a wedding next weekend. It's sort of a halloween/ masquerade ball type reception with a traditional church wedding beforehand. I am wearing a black dress(like this but straight across, not v-neck) that hits a little above my knee, with black shoes but i just have one question: Do i wear hose now that it's colder? Do people wear hose anymore? I thought since the reception is costume, that i could possibly pull off colored tights but have no idea where to...
I'm in ks too, and never had a routine check done. Once a year they send someone out to check fire extinguishers and change filters. They give us two day notice and we leave the extinguishers out on the front porch and they will sometimes leave the filter, sometimes come in and change it. The person who owns our house doesn't manage it though. The company that does has tons of properties around town most of them full of college students, i'm sure they are just happy to...
Quote: Originally Posted by baby-makes-3 Oh I do love granny panties, but having a ridge of panty higher than the jeans is not exactly the look I'm shooting for unfortunately! And ever since my (3rd degree with an extension) episiotomy, I can't do the thongs. Today, officially, I saw the choices as: hi-rise briefs lo-rise briefs boy legs thongs hipsters bikinis string bikinis Ugh. It doesn't help that the pictures on the packages are...
The mazda 5 might be a good option for you, simply because it has the room you want, and its smaller than a normal van which saves $$ on gas. The price range is great too, Around 10k for one with less than 50k miles around here. My brother is a mechanic and says mazda's are fairly reliable as well. Maybe not as reliable as a Honda, but used odyssey's around here that are $10k have over 100k miles on them.
All this talk about shampoo reminds me of another one- Herbal essence shampoo- in the 90's. The pink one in the clear bottle. My mom's friend bought the largest size for me to take to college . I found a small sample somewhere recently and it just took me back to showering in the group bathroom with flip flops on! The new one just doesn't smell the same
Cedar- reminds me of my grandparents. I keep my sheets in a cedar drawer and i love when i put fresh ones on the bed. Vanilla bean spray from B&Bworks- reminds me of a few old roomates LouLou perfume- reminds me of my mom I'm sure there are more, but those are the most distinct.
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