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IN my purse right now: Keys Wallet Brush Small notebook Pen Compact hair ties for me and dd Degree Spray Loose Change Coupons Cell phone goes in it when i go out.
I have to agree with most posters and say its in the genes and highly influenced by the world around him. My son wasn't /isn't allowed to watch the superhero movies but has seen star wars. He is now 6 and believe me, anything can be turned into a weapon of some sort. We realized around 3 that we couldn't fully limit his play, but we did make two rules: 1. No "real" looking guns. 2. No "pewing" real people, (Pewing is shooting) Only toys or objects.
I just bought an iphone in august. I would be if it was lost or stolen. Mostly because it cost me a fortune and i would like to own it until it disintegrates! I do have pics and other private information on it, but it is password protected. I don't have financial info on it other than banktexting. All they could find out is my last four transaction amounts and my balance (not that i have any money) I back it up regularly as well.
#1- I can't recall anything ( which would explain why i gained 65lbs! ) #2- Cocktail Shrimp, and canned soup.
First time i got 50, second time i got 60. I did different one's each time though. Numbers and harder words make me type slower. I used to have a ghost typing program when i was 11 that i looooved ! It taught me to type! I tried to find it again when i was older but couldn't. You could print out certificates after you passed a lesson, my sister and i would try and beat each other. Here is the game! I loved it i wish they still made it i would buy it for my kids.
I'm very jealous of you only spending 250 a month on groceries! We spend about 5-600$, about 150$ per week. I feed 2 adults and 2 kids, and we buy almost no meat (i'm veg and just don't cook it at home)
1-2 was waaaay harder for me. With my first it was so much easier to do the things i always did, he just tagged along. Of course it didn't hurt that he was a social butterfly and an all around calm, easygoing guy! With dd, yikes. I always said if i had had her first, she would be an only! What an unhappy baby. She hated being little. As soon as she was mobile her personality did a 180. When she was an infant, ds was 3 and still in diapers. It was hard balancing my...
Oh my, that sounds terrible. I'm sorry you have had such an emotionally rough pregnancy. s
If you have a crock pot you could always start that in the morning, then when you walked in the door dinner would be ready. Get some rolls you just warm up, and a salad and voila! Other things that are quick include breakfast items, soups, and frozen meals. I think if you gave them a small snack right when you pick them up, to eat in the car, that it wouldn't spoil their dinner and would keep the pestering down right when you walk in the door. Maybe just a piece of fruit...
I need : a toothbrush clothing- i could never be a nudist hair tie- can't stand when hair is in my face A really comfy place to sleep (well, anywhere softer than a floor or dirt) I could do without hot water, toilets, and electricity. Sure it would suck, but i'd manage.
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