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Its 50 outside right now(its 8:30pm here) and we haven't turned our heat on yet. I did turn on the fireplace last night for about an hour, but that is it.. I am ok with being a little cold. When the highs start being in the 50's i'll probably turn it on.
Quote: Originally Posted by stik http://www.rei.com/product/801850 - kinda pricey for what it is, IMO, but looks nice. OMG, i want this, but i so don't want to pay 65.00
With my first it would be: PumpkinPie strawberry creamslush caesar salad.- I absolutely detested caesar salad before i was pregnant, i worked at applebees and ate one daily. Now i love them. My daughter would be sonic onion rings 7layer burrito. ( Sonic loves me when i'm pregnant i spend so much money there!)
I go about every 1.25 weeks. My list is usually: Broccoli- 2 or 3 heads Spinach- tub Mixed greens Sugar snap peas carrots 2 tomatoes bunch of bananas seasonal fruit- apples right now, berries in the summer Tofu Mushrooms Peppers- 2 or 3 Spaghetti sauce Frozen GB Frozen fish- usually salmon and shrimp Milk Almond Milk Cereal for dh- whatever is cheap and comes in a big box Red Onion Avocado Dozen Eggs Bag shredded cheddar Tortillas canned beans-...
Breakfast seems good, so does dinner.If i were to change anything, i'd add a protein source at lunch. I would also add some veggies there too. Fage yogurt is really good, but there are lower calorie greek yogurts that i think are pretty tasty, oikos and chobani come to mind. 260 is just a lot of cals for yogurt.
I don't think its odd at all. I would probably do the same thing ( the note part) however i think i would hide it as best i could, because i do think others might find it weird to bring notes to a friendly gathering.
I had an upgrade available and one of the choices was a refurbished pearl. I did have to renew my contract.
I had a blackberry before my iphone and i really liked it. There is a new touchscreen blackberry out (although probably not inexpensive) but the old ones are nice too. I got my last one, refurbished, for free. My brother and dad both have blackberrys and like them as well. As for att being reliable, i have never had any problems in the 8 years i've had them as a provider. Of course, i might just live in a good area, who knows.
They have a 15$ data plan now too, that is what i have. It is 200mb, and you don't use it if you are on a wi-fi network only if you use 3G. I forgot to add in my previous post that i am seriously disorganized normally. I try, but i hate having calenders here and there, and post it notes scattered etc. With the phone, i always have it with me and i can check email for info, or get online for a recipe ingredient, or check my school calendar or kids calendar, or look up...
Im in love with my iphone and i havent even had it a month. I love all the features everyone else mentioned and i love that it has things for the kids. I downloaded a coloring app for dd that kept her busy while i had to finish an assignment (and we werent athome to actually color )
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